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Gabriella-Psychicmoney taken

I purchased a reading for 56.50 USD on 07/03/2013. This was supposed to be a once off.
Unfortunately deductions are still made off my credit card. The last was made on 31/05/2013 for the amount of R563.99 South African Rand. I tried to phone payforweb on their South African number several times but their phone is always not available. I tried to get a refund on their site as well but the message says that 'I have no order available for a refund'. I also had no respons on several occasions contacting Gabriella on her different sites were one can submit comments. I also unsubscribe (where they tell you that if you do so no more payments will be deducted- but no reply or confirmation from anyone. I am really very concerned as I am a pensioner with limited funds.
Hope you can assist me in this matter.
Louise Scholtz
27 [protected]

Gabriella-Psychiccredit card payment

After the purchase of a reading from gabriella-psychic golden circle i paid the initial amounts
9682100 79.80 AUD 18/08/2012 Subscription to Gabriella's Golden Circle
9682102 17.90 AUD 15/08/2012 Gabriella's Great Action

i then asked for a refund realizing written in small print that this amount would be debited from my account each month, which i declined. These amounts were debited back into my credit card as requested. However there is still
##0313 1.80 US DOLLAR and this amount is being debited every month. Please can something help in cancelling this debit payment as I haven't been able to contact anyone on this site and received no response from the numerous (fake) telephone numbers as listed on this web site. Can anyone help!!

Gabriella-PsychicI had never done this before and will never do this again

Although I first believed I didn't need help, she convinced me. Too naive... Now I need help! I've lost my job and really could use my money. Over the last three months I also got charged for things I didn't ask for. But how can I prove this? I'll have to take my responsibility and hope I learned a lesson. I had never done this before and will never do this again.

  • Na
    Narlee Jul 17, 2012

    It seems that Julia Clairvoyant is a scam related to Gabriella Psychic (see these related complaints). The readings are similar and computer generated scams.

    More seriously it seems that payments are not secure (NOTE that payment pages are not https:...) and are used to generate unautorised debits on accounts.

    Also, Julia Clairvoyant seems to be based on Facebook, which gives the site access to a great deal of your personal information. Gabriella Psychic has an applicaton to download which may doo the same thing - leech out personal information from your hard drive that is then reused in the computer generated readings...

    Please be aware of the risks entailed here. Both financial and emotional.

    Consies - contact your bank or PayPal to stop all future payments and report to police and better business bureau as soon as possible.

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Gabriella-PsychicRecurring billing

Gabriella is a scam artist. The best recommendation is to NOT contact her and pay for ANY reading! Once she has your credit card number, she will set up a recurring charge and you will have charges taken out of your account that you did not authorize. Her lack of Integrity is pathetic and her readings are obviously a template that she sends to all who think that she can help. She just inserts your name in where needed. Do yourself a favor and trust your own instincts, you know your life better than anyone else!

  • Jm
    j mcdonagh galway Jan 22, 2018

    don't understand why u give anyone ur details of your bank account I use a psychic and ring or go to see her

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Gabriella-Psychic — fraud

If you received an identical reading like this, run, dont walk...FAR away from this scam artist...DO NOT GIVE HER A DIME..99% of the online psychics are SCAMMERS...if you are one...