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Spirit Incentives Complaints & Reviews

Spirit Incentives - South Carolina, Charleston / Cruise Scam

Dec 29, 2012

My husband and I also sat through a 3 hour session also. We also bought into a vacation plan with the incentive of not 1 but 2 free cruises. First of all there is NOTHING free about it! $100 to just make a deposit, them we waited 6 months for them to call us. Finally got an email from them, they were ready to confirm our reservations. I called one day from work, and she told me up front the call would take a minimum of a half hour and if I had to hang up for any reason during the call, also if I declined ANY offer made to me concerning the cruise dates, I also forfeited the cruise. I still...

Spirit Incentives / Hotel Accomidations

Sep 11, 2012

We were promised a stay at Great Wolf Lodge for $50/ 2 nights would be a $100 deposit. We would still have to pay taxes & it would come out of our deposit. We had to go to a to enter our certificate number. We sent in our deposit & then chose "3" possible dates we would like to travel. We would then be notified 45 days in advance of when our trip was to take place. This all sounds great, right? Well, turns out this is ALL a SCAM! Once we did the steps above, we were never notified again of when our trip was to take place! Since I never heard back from...

Spirit Incentives - Maryland, National Harbor / Scam

Aug 26, 2012

Like everyone else I sat through a 3 hour presentation to receive a "free" 7 night stay in a hotel & another voucher for a free 2 night stay. I mailed in the $100 & $50 money orders after registering my certificates, picked locations & dates & was told I'd be contacted 45 days before my 1st travel selection. This never happened. I called 40 days before my travel dates & held for 2 hours before someone picked up & told me my destination selection (Hawaii) was no longer available. I still haven't received my refund or a response from the other voucher I registered. I think this is a...

Spirit Incentives - Florida, Wesley Chapel Florida / Travel Certificate

Jul 13, 2012

Like many others who have filed complaints, I also have been ripped off by Spirit Incentives. Last March, I sent in a request for 2 nights accommodations in the Palm Beach area of Florida. It was my wife's birthday and I wanted to do something special... In any event, when I contacted a Spirit Incentives travel agent, I was told no rooms were available for the dates I had chosen. I had to choose another location and I opted for Fort Myers. Upon checking into the Days Inn hotel, it looked run down and the room which was allocated was worse. We stayed one night and left. When I received an...

Spirit Incentives - Florida, san mateo / travel

Jun 13, 2012

I paid for the incentives and three times gave them date and location options, well in advance (3 months) and each time I got the response that it was not available. I sent the form back to get a refund as I did not believe there ever would be availability and now 3 months later have not heard from them again and have not gotten a refund. BAD BUSINESS!

Spirit Incentives - Ohio / Took my money no delivery

Jun 1, 2012

Offer made available through TAN (Travel Advantage NEtwork) 2 nights "free " hotel stay in area of my choice in US. IN exchange for listening to a sales presentation. Jumped through hoops. Sent my $50 check (Which was cashed) to -Redemption Processing Center P.O. Box 23990 Ft. Lauderdale Fl 33307-3990. Received an e-mail back asking for two optional dates. Returned e-mail and never heard from them again. Cannot get a hold of them. They have no contact number and the e-mail says do not reply to this e-mail. I am out $50.00 and not happy!

Spirit Incentives - Oklahoma / fradulent cruise

Jan 31, 2012

We registered last June 6-11 for a 3 night cruise and supposedly won one. We had to travel to Tulsa Okla for a presentation of a Travel Agency to complete the requikrements for the free cruise, which we did and paid $198 for the fees. We had to pick 3 dates for this cruise, which we3 did.. They said 45 days beore your first date we would receive an email with a link to our travel rservations. I was on hold 50 minutes only to find out that no travel dates could be arranged for us. i said you mean in 7 months yo9u can not find us a cruise that fits our dates. The answer was no. I said I want a refund of my money NOW. This company is a scam and everyone should not be taken in by them SCAM SCAM SCAM

Spirit Incentives - Florida / refusal to refund deposit


It appears that many of us have the same basic complaint: Spirit Incentive doesn't abide by the terms and conditions of the company's offer. The $100 deposit that I sent in was supposed to be fully refundable if I made my request in writing but that doesn't appear to be the case. I'm not going to roll-over and allow them to keep my money when I followed the terms of the agreement. Is there anyone else who would like to join me in a class action suit? I'm sure there is a lawyer out there who wouldn't mind representing us. AFter all, this is America and we do have laws to protect consumer rights!

Spirit Incentives - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / my vacation


I had a free three night cruise to the Bahamas plus two air fare round trip tickets my certifricate was valid for a year my issue date was 9-15-09 it expires 9-15-10 I had a whole year for my certifricate. I called to register my certifricate in april 2010 and I had it regestired and they said they would call me in 14 bussiness days. Now they are trying to say my certifricate is not valid. I drove 45 minutes to pick up my certifricate and listen to an hour long ceminar. I would like to speak. To the person tyhat is in charge

Spirit Incentives / Total scam


Spirit incentives is a total scam, they take your money and then send a continuous stream of letters stating your dates are not available until you give up. Wyndham knows this and condones the practice Stay away from Sprit unless you want frustration and to lose your money. Our free cruise turned out to cost $100 to go back and forth attempting to get dates. we still have not received our refund. These people are total scam artists. The companies that give out Spirit travel certificates are just as bad if not worse. Companies such as Wyndham Vacaction Qwnership, Sundance Vacations, and Bluegreen Resorts.

Spirit Incentives - Florida, Fort Launderdale / Failure to Comply with Vacation Package


To Whom It May Concern: I, Anthony Ward, received a vacation package (fly two-round trip to Los Angeles, CA and cruise to Mexico) with Spirit Incentives being the sponsor. I complied with all of the rules and was treated in an unprofessional manner in referenced to the situation at hand. I received this letter only to reply to the letter on December 10, 2009. Awhile replying to the letter I was unaware that I didn't have enough funds on my credit card to confirm the vacation. I was told that I need $350.00 on my credit card outside of my deposit that they have already received. Later, I...

Spirit Incentives / Booked Traveler


I called to book trip using Spirit incentives through my Citi Mastercard for a 2 for the price of 1 deal. During the booking I changed the passenger to my wife who is on the card as well realizing that I had a free ticket because of my points with a CC. They booked the flight and did not send any detail of the reservation aside from a transaction number and price charged. I checked the reservation on the airline webside and they booked myself on the flight with my daughter instead of my wife and my daughter. I had another ticket booked using points for myself. When I called to change the...

Spirit Incentives - Texas / Free Cruise


We received a free cruise certificate for going and sitting through a time share presentations. I just tried to book the cruise. We had sent in our $100 and it was only supposed to cost us the taxes. It would have been about $250 more with taxes. So the "free cruise" is in a cabin with bunk beds. To upgrade it would be another $75 a person., but of course they didn't have any of those rooms available. The next upgrade would have been $150 a person, but they didn't have those rooms available either. To get a cruise that was available for us it was going to be $1000 total. I can get a...

Spirit Incentives / Scam and lies


We were given a voucher for a free cruise in return for listening to a presentation on a vacation club. We elected for the 7-day cruise, which meant a larger payment for taxes and fees. They were supposed to contact us within 10-14 days. They didn’t contact us. When we contacted them (lots of being put on hold) they said that all three-departure dates we asked for were taken. We were given one date only which I couldn’t get off work for. They told us, “sorry, too bad, guess you can’t go.” Here was the conversation my wife had with Spirit Incentives: Wench: I have your...

Spirit Incentives / Don't use a voucher from Spirit Incentives


NEVER REDEEM A VOUCHER FROM SPIRIT INCENTIVES! You can't pick the date you want to go on and if ANYTHING happens and you can't go, you WILL NOT get your money back! Unless you have no children, no job, no reletives, and no life at all, things happens and things change. You can only travel during Fall and Winter months as long as the date doesn't fall within 10 days of a holiday. Then, they will sell you something called "Travel Assist" which is supposed to allow you to change the date of your vacation one time in case somethin happens. But, when something does happen, you have...

Spirit Incentives - Florida / Free Travel Voucher


I deposited $50 dollars with this company as part of my travel voucher reservation. I was given a choice of traveling to LasVegas, Reno or Orlando. I picked "three" travel dates in 3 separate months. The Spirit Incentives customer service rep told me that once I selected my "three" travel date options, I could not under ANY circumstances change them. She kept me on the phone for nearly 1/2 an hour and supposedly checked on travel availability for my first pick, LasVegas on all three of my travel date picks. She told me that there was no availability for ANY of the dates that I selected for...

Spirit Incentives / Rip off


I get this free family vacation thru the timeshare i attended i did everything they ask to the coupon of spirit incentives and mail the $50.00 they asked and said its refundable. When i decided that i have a hotel to go to in San Diego they send me a letter that the vacation was no longer available and don't contact them any more. They have a new website now and never answer calls from me. This people should be stop How many $50.00 are flying around because of their promises. Everything that sounds good to be true are always scam. When you deal with this company think so many times before you give your hard earn $50.00.

Spirit Incentives - Texas / Gas Vouchers


I too have been "scammed" by Spirit Incentives and their timeshare program. I went to list to the timeshare lecture/sale pitch in Canyon Country, Texas. I knew I wasn't going to buy from the start but I had to sit through close to 2 1/2 hours of sales pitches after they had advertised it would only take 90 minutes. I have given up even trying to get my cruise or Hawaii trip out of this company but I kept the gas voucher because that was more easy to do. You get 10 "coupons" for gas and you can only claim $10.00 for each coupon. So, I saved up my receipts over a couple of months and in...

Spirit Incentives - Florida, Ft Lauderdale / Rip off, Scam, Criminal Organization


We were stupid enough to go to a real estate presentation by Silverleaf Resorts. They send out notices that "You've won a free trip" all you have to do is attend a 1.5 hour presentation. Actually the presentation takes much longer. They promised a gas card for $40 and two free vacations. It was total bs. The gas card was to be awarded by Spirit Incentives. When you read the details, it's unreal. In reality it's 4 gas cards for $10 each spread out over months. You can apply for only one gas card at a time, and there are a million rules designed to make you disqualify. For...

Spirit Incentives - Texas, Teague / Free companion air certificate


First Equity Credit card co. sold me a protection plan with the promise of a free companion airline ticket. Spirit Incentives sent me a bifold paper saying "Free Companion Air Travel Certificate" which I kept about a month till I was ready to make reservations to Canada in July. I got the certif. out to see how to redeem it & called Spirit Incen. For help--they finally told me I was supposed to send that certif in to them & I had waited too long, so they couldn't honor it. I consider that a "trick".