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Smooth Away Complaints & Reviews

Smooth Away / Total waste of money and time


Bought Smooth Away hair remover. I could have used an old piece of innertube and it would have worked the same. I have always been happy with the merchandise I recieve except in this case. The product doesn't meet with the standards of your other merchandise. It was a total waste of money and time. Don't believe everything you see on TV. It is supposed to remove hair instantly and pain free. Well it doesn't do anything except waste your time and money. This is one product that should be taken of the market and thrown in the trash.

Smooth Away / Doesn't Work Well

My mom bought me Smooth Away from CVS. I used it, but it didn't work right. It only worked on certain areas, such as the sides of my lower legs, but not in others, such as my knees. Plus, it takes a really long time to get the hair away. Much more time than it is worth. Not to mention the fact that every time I want to use this product, I have to put a new pad on the surface. It only comes with five pads, so you have to buy more of it very often. This is a waste of money.

Smooth Away - Virginia / Product does not perform as advertised

This products claim of instant & pain-free hair removal is false. I bought this because I am diabetic, making shaving extremely dangerous. I have limited income but felt it would be worth the money to buy this product to protect against possible cuts from using a razor. This was a big waste of my money & I am ashamed to admit that I was taken advantage of by this useless product & the false claims made by IdeaVillage of Wayne, NJ. I guess it goes back to the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This company should be ashamed that they are using scams & overbilling to make a buck, especially in todays economy. I pray they will become aquainted with another adage, Cheaters never win !!

Smooth Away - California / Get your money back from Smooth Away scam!


For those who are having a problem getting their refunds back, call your credit card company and put your card in dispute for the amount that they have charged (or overcharged). Your credit card company should refund you back the monies while in dispute. They will start an investigation into the dispute to determine whether you are owed a refund due to the scam. Regardless of whether you were charged 2-3 weeks ago, call your credit card co. or bank and tell them of the suspicious overcharge. They still should look into it.

Smooth Away - California / Rip off ---DONT BUY IT!!!

I ordered Smooth Away 1/3/09 for my daughter using her $25 gift card she received for Christmas. The invoice came up as $14.99 (two pack) + $6.99 S&H = $21.98 right? wrong! The gift card went through no problem...leaving a balance of $3.02 which she later used for something else. By 1/16/09 the order still has not arrived. I pulled it back up on line and now it shows $14.99 + $13.98 S&H = $28.97 due??? So I FINALLY get through on the phone to them (35 min wait) to be told my card was declined. No was only a $25 gift card. So, I ask for the rep's supervisor. Carolyn is too...

Smooth Away - California, Redondo Beach / Ineffectiveness of Product; Shipping

I ordered Smooth Away for Christmas with an optional order for replacement pads. I called to cancel the replacement pad order and could not get through. I was billed for the replacement pads. I received the Smooth Away order and followed the brief instructions for use to the letter. It did not remove hair at all and caused abrasions on my 11-year old daughters arms and legs. I was billed over $25 dollars for shipping, when it is advertised on the web at 6.99. I called Smooth Away and they would only give me a credit for $5.00. I am now exploring filing a small claims action against them and have contacted the Food and Drug Administration and the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Smooth Away / Rip-off; deceptive advertising, over charging

From a TV advertisement I purchased the product Smooth Away, which was supposed to include the following for $14.99: 1 Large Smooth Away 1 Small Smooth Away 4 Large Smooth Away Replacement Pads 4 Small Smooth Away Replacement Pads If I ordered that day I would get one free order of all of the above + s&h When my box arrived the amount they charged my credit card was $57.94. They charged me separately for the Large and the Small Smooth Away. + they charged me $27.96 for the shipping & handling of a small box by Parcel Post weighing less than 1 lb. They totally misrepresented their advertising...

Smooth Away / Credit card over charged and nobody answers when I call to resolve issue

I ordered smooth away from and it didn't tell me how much the shipping would be. I then got an email confirming my order for $14.99 with a $13 shipping and handling fee and a 4-6 weeks wait. I immediately called to cancel but nobody answered. In the mean time, I found out that my credit card was charged for over $80. I finally reached someone at smooth away and cancelled my order. They said that I would receive an email confirming the cancelation. Today, I got an email saying that my order has been shipped. I have called all day and no one answers. I have also been getting...

Smooth Away / fake


This is not what it says, this is sandpaper on plastic. Its is 80grid sandpaper, you stick to the plastic, and then you rub your skin. You don't notice at first but you are rubbing off your skin and NO hair is bieng removed. After a few hours the area that you rubbed is soar kind like a sunburn or 2nd degree burn. This is a terrible product and no one should buy this. terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible

Smooth Away / monthly fee charged to my credit card

Once i placed my order i received a notice of a monthly fee for $19.95 to be charged to my credit card for a monthly membership fee. (Value Plus Trial Period) I simlpy placed an order. I do not want a membership in anything. Can you help?