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SmartSmoker, report to the IRS the customers that buy cigarettes from their company, maybe that is the law, what is really bad is that if you keep buying their products they did not report you. If the client stop smoking and do not buy anymore, them the denounce you to the IRS, and believe me, that can be a very big problem, because is not only the taxes that you have to pay back, there are interest and penalties that can reach more than $ 1000.00. Do not buy from this people, because if you do once, then you have to keep buying forever. This is complete true, you have to give your SS and... / Beware of these scam artists!


SmartSmoker - I placed an order on for three cartons of newports for only $99 and thought what a great deal but then my card was declined and there was a message on the screen that stated if you find this an error hit the back button and review info and try again, so that is what i did and it said card was declined again so i just logged off and said forget it. That is until two days later when i look online at my bank account and there is two charges for $99 from I called them and they stated that they did not charge my card and it wa...