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Singapore Airport Complaints & Reviews

Singapore Airport / flight, boarding and customer services

Dec 9, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, Flight EK7714, EK 405, EK 39. Flight date: 30th Nov 2018. Serial no: 1762570482960 and 1762570482957 I am emailing you because having passed through Singapore Changi Airport many times previously, my husband and I were devastated by the most recent ordeal we have just faced at your airport and hope to receive fair compensation. At the end of our holiday, we were returning from Kuala Lumpur to Birmingham via Singapore. What went wrong is as follows: 1. For the second leg of our return journey we were passing from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai via Singapore and we had to go through the...

Singapore Airport / very rude security officer

Mar 17, 2012

I was travelling on 13th march at gate d42 1430 and this cisco security officer was very rude. She was waiting inside the gate, as i enter the gate she stopped me and ask for boarding pass from me, i gave to her but she didn't take it instead ask me go out from the gate in a harsh voice. She said i need to give her boarding pass to check before i enter gate. I didnt say anything but just complied. After checking she ask me where i'm from, i've told her 'Malaysia', and then she makes a very sarcastic remark 'Malaysia dont check boarding pass? '. What a...

Singapore Airport - England, Leicestershire / Rude and Intimmidating behaviour


My 74 year old mother and her carer were stopped in tranist on a Qantas Airlines planes. for a aircraft refule and clean. The officals confiscated two bottles of very expensive whisky as Sydney Duty Free had not sealed the bags. However they refused to allow them to repack or even drink it. They were not even permited to touch it. They then treated my an elderly woman and carer as criminals, and both were searched and their lives made a misery. The officlas would not give them thier name, works number or receipt to say they had taken the goods. Wholly unacceptable and very very rude.

Singapore Airport / Airport


Hi, I have travelled to USA via chennai-singapore-tokyo-US. The transit time is less and there is no issues when going to USA. But while returning USA-TOkyo-Singapore-chennai, i have a bad experience in Singapore Airport. I have reached singapore airport by 10 or 12 pm and i have to stay inside singapore airport to catch next flight by morning 8am. As it is a transit and i have no visa to go out, i stayed in airport. I slept in sofa and group of 5 police men during their regular rounds come and surrounded me. They ask for my passport and i gave. I photo looks little bit difference from what...