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Silvermine Kennel Complaints & Reviews

Silvermine Kennel / Don't buy from them


OMG! I personally went to this kennel place with a friend of mine myself that was buying a puppy from them, what I saw I almost had heart failure right then and there. These two people collect Social Security Benefits I am so sure of it being senior citizens that they are and do not report the income I am sure of. For the most part the dogs had no bedding or beds to lay on with these limited metal tins rolled in a 2 foot area for the dogs to lay on the cold damp wet ground that did not accommodate all his like 50 dogs. They feed their dogs Ol'Roy dog food from Wal-Mart that is loaded with...

Silvermine Kennel / Silvermine is a PUPPY MILL!


Our family bought a puppy from the Rafaela/ Seawind litter in May 2007. As an animal lover I was very mislead that Mike Denny actualy cared about his animals, and they were not just a dollar sign. When we picked up our puppy she was extemly underweight. Our vet immediatly noticed the puppy had dry flaky skin. We were given perscription dog food to help put on pounds and and help nutrition. We also started the recommended vitimins from the breeder. We communicated with Mike about the puppys condition. He assured us it would get better. To make a long story short- this dog suffers from very bad...

Silvermine Kennel - Kentucky, Greenup / Terrible breeder!


A little less than a year ago my family and I purchased a puppy from Silvermine Kennels. In a March '07 Lady/Gambler litter our little Zoe was born. I had called up in hopes to find a puppy to train to become a 'seizure alert' dog, as I have epilepsy. And that's where it all begins. Within in a day or two of getting Zoe we noticed she wasn't eating much, but we weren't to worried as it was one of the hottest days of the year out, and she was just getting used to her new home. But within the next day or so, she was progressively getting worse (severe vomiting A...