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Silver Creek Construction Complaints & Reviews

Silver Creek Construction / general contractor / home remodeling

Jan 3, 2019

Waited over 3 months sept 2017-jan 2018 for Josh Bolkema to put automatic gate openers on 2 drive-way gates, that he offered & agreed to install. Spent 2 afternoons going over installation process, he never did the work. He stated he purchased the gate openers but no work was ever done. Josh Operated using falsified business addresses and misled public to believe he was licensed when he was not. Used 2 seperate R1 residential business addresses when he was not legally authorized. Had employees working for, recruiting and advertising for his business when it was not legit. He may have charged...

Silver Creek Construction - Michigan, Sterling Heights / Doesn't pay to their employees!


I was referred to Jim Fletcher by his cousin Scott Lane. A person I had met a few years ago. I started in June of 2007. The first several checks were on time. After that the checks were some times late by 2 or 3 days (not unheard of). Soon I began to get bounced checks. He would pay off the balance and fees, so it sounded good, but not the money owed to me. He did this about six times. He fell behind six weeks of pay. After this he said that the other crew was full and he would get me paid at the end of the month. I called repeatedly to get paid and he alway had a different story. After a...