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Shapely Secrets Complaints & Reviews

Shapely Secrets / Essential Boost

Apr 17, 2016

Attached is the information you requested. The AAA will confirm if the Consumer Procedures apply to your filing. If they do not, you will be notified of the correct rules and/or if any other fees are due. If you have additional questions you may call our customer service at the number listed below. Where to File The AAA has streamlined the filing process to give customers the fastest possible service and the easiest way to file. Regardless of the type of case or the geographical location, cases will be filed with AAA Case Filing Services, a central department where experts in intake move each...

Shapely Secrets - Florida / Unauthorized charges

Apr 5, 2011

I ordered the video. I agreed to the free supplements for shipping charge of 6.95. Then they started calling me for product sales. I told them to stop. Then I got a notice I had to call a number to OPT OUt of their selling program. Not to mention the video is crap and arrived damaged from poor packing. When I called for return instructions, they tried to get me to not return the product in exchange for a 10.00 refund which did not cover all the charges and shipping. They refunded the 6.95 shipping and gave me RMA number for video. A week later I received another shipment, unauthorized. I...

Shapely Secrets - Indiana, South Bend / Doesn't work


Saw the informercial a few times thought i'd give it a try...after receiving my product ..doing the seemed as though it was working..but after the 2 week * lose a dress size * slogan..nothing else happend. I ended up having to do the workout 3 times a day..just to see improvement ...i was eating sooo little each day...granola bar for breakfast, yogurt for lunch and a small portion for directed by the information...guess you get what you pay for.

Shapely Secrets - California, Van Nuys / Ordered from Shapely Secrets, Paid in Full, Received letter from Collection Agency 4 months later


I had purchased Shapely Secrets in April and the payment was directly taken off of my credit card. Approx. 1 month later (5/26/08) My credit card was charged again for $26.98 Which was for 1 bottle of essential boost. I was aware that there was going to be a charge and that they would send me a 30 day supply monthly for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. After that shipment I had been using the essential boost and it had done nothing for me. My credit card that I had been using had to be closed for fraudulent charges by another party and because I was not happy with the essential boost...

Shapely Secrets - California, Chino / Shapely Secrets is a scam!


I was watching an infomercial for a company called Shapely Secrets. I was intrigued so I called and ordered the product. They shipped it to me promptly but they charged me $19.99 in shipping and handling, which I was totally not expecting because they had not told me. Then a month later when balancing my bank statements I find out that they had shipped me some vitamins that I had not received and charged me another $19.99 plus shipping for a product that I had not ordered nor had I ever received. When I called to complain they refunded the $19.99 but not the $6.50 for shipping. Also worth...