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Shape Magazine Complaints & Reviews

Shape Magazine - Manitoba / Unwanted phone calls


I posted an ad to complain about my service to shape magazine on your job board on september 21, 2008. i mistakenly put my home phone number unaware that it would be on public display for all to see. I have now received two phone calls from people asking if this is shape magazine. Please, please, do not, i repeat do not call 1-204-885-6068 as this is not shape magazines phone number!!! If you are having problems with your subscription go through their official website at and email their support or help desk. They should be able to help you there. Thank you ls winnipeg

Shape Magazine - Manitoba, Winnipeg / Not receiving issues


HI, I've ordered Shape Magazine twice this year. How stupid was I! I have ordered Shape Magazine once through an organization called PCH - Publishers Clearing House. They are an organization that has runs sweepstakes throughout North America and also send relentless fliers about discount products like mags. Well, I ordered Shape magazine through them for $14.99 for 12 issues back on April 9, 2008 and have yet to receive one issue of the Shape magazine. I called them twice and they said that it should have gone out, both on June 16 and July 28 and they said they reset the order and that it...

Shape Magazine / Video ripoff!


Shape magazine sent an UNSOLICITED workout video to me and told me that I had to pay them $10 or return it. They also said that they will be sending additional videos that I have to pay for. I am calling them today to cancel my subscription because of this reprehensible marketing gimmick. Beware people!