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Servis Complaints & Reviews

Servis / Will never be purchasing a Servis product again!


I have only had the Servis M7455 fridge freezer for two months, and it came faulty. The interior light did not work. It has taken two months to try and get an engineer to come and fix it, and still no joy. The customer services number is an 0870 number, and it has cost me a fortune, as I was on hold for ten minutes each time before speaking to anyone. Then when I finally could speak to an advisor they were very unhelpful. They were sharp with me, and one girl did not even register my call, so an engineer wasn't even contacted. I am in the same position as I was when the heap of metal wa...

Servis / Terrible experience


Bought Servis M0330 fridge freezer, product has limped to three years old and died. Originally needed an engineer visit within twelve months as the super low maintenance frost free freezer was clogged up with ice. Numerous problems followed but hey no problem as I was silly enough to take out the extended warranty offered by Servis. What could go wrong, well plenty but Servis were not keen to come and fix it. Last straw was when freezer continued to work albeit noisily but the fridge gave up on life. Rang Servis, held for 30 minutes but hey may be they were busy. They asked me for my details I...

Servis / Poor quality washing machine


Servis 6160W - Since January 2004 I have had 3 Servis washing machines replaced (model 6160W) I would NEVER recommend this product to anybody. I have had bearings go on a machine 6 weeks old, circuit boards blow up, and water leaks. I would go as far to say this is the worst product I have ever bought. This company's after sales also leaves a lot to be desired. Terrible product, terrible service, DO NOT BUY.

Servis / Never buy from them


Grrr I'm so angry. I bought a Servis washer/drier six months ago. After one month it broke down. An engineer came round and and said he's have to order some parts. Two weeks later I called up and they told me that they had received one of them but were waiting on the other. Forward four months and I called up last week (after weekly calls with them assuring me that they were still awaiting parts) and then last week they tell me that the engineer had been round in July and fixed the machine and closed off the call. So there's been three months where I've been told that...

Servis / brokendown washing machine


I brought a servis washing machine in may 2007. it broke down 9 weeks ago, they took my £88 for labour and the engineer has now been out 3 times and each time the wrong part has been ordered. SERVIS are the worst company iI've ever dealt with their customer service people or rude and very unhelpful. I have 2 children and its unbleivable that they dont even call you and you can spend upto 30mins trying to get through to be told they are waiting for the part!!! I will never ever buy a servis appliance again!!!

Servis / Bad service


We received our appliance, M9813 washer dryer approximately on the date above (cannot verify as we never received an invoice from Comet, the retailer). After 3-4 weeks of having the appliance, it seemed to have developed some niggling faults (ie, it used to leak water everywhere). We contacted Servis Customer Services to report the faults in the middle of August, and were given a date for an engineer to call. The engineer never called. We reported this to Servis, who made another appointment. Once again the engineer never called. For a third time we called Servis to report this, and was told...

Servis - England, West Midlands / faulty washing macine


had engineer out on 25th june to fix button panel and as he didn't have part he done temporary repair and said he would be back within 7-14 days with new part. still waiting. we now have another fault with washing machine and was told on monday it would be replaced. i am now being told to wait 3-5 days for a telephone call from an engineer. this machine is less than 3 months old

Servis / Do not buy Servis washing machines


Servis washing machine. Bought in April, broke down in June. Tried to contact Servis "customer service line" (ha, what a joke!) and was put on hold in a no-doubt fictitious queue for ages and ages. Eventually the call was cut off after about 20 minutes. This happened 3 times! Sent them an email - no reply. Sent them another email - no reply. Sent them another email - NO REPLY! Servis have the most appalling customer service in the UK. Do not but Servis appliances, because if they go wrong you have buckleys chance of getting them fixed. Just read all the other complaints about Servis washing machines and appliances, the company is a joke!

Servis / what engineer


has anyone actually managed to get their washing machine repaired? I am on my fouth week of waitng and as yet nothing, all i get told from customer service (ha ha) is someone will ring today, and they have said that for the past 10 days ther are no managers or supervisers to speak to, no contact address apart from po box and no other phone numbers, did get one from insurance company but non existant, am about to have to buy another machine as can't cope without one any longer DO NOT BUY SERVIS WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME

Servis / Washing machine!


Second problem with service with a machine that`s less than six months old. not only do they lie about when the parts will be available but when the engineer will call (if he ever calls). I have just been told i`m stuck with it because the parts are now in stock after 5 weeks (the first repair having taken 6). The engineer has lied about when he`s called, said he could`t reach us on our mobile or land phone despite the fact there`s someone in all day! - He even said he`d put a note through the door after driving up from the west midlands to north wales... After 2 consecutive no-shows i am now...

Servis / Dangerous dishwasher


Having bought a servis dishwasher and sending off the guarantee it broke down took them two weeks to come out then two weeks for the part then a further week to come and fix it worked for three weeks. Then broke down again again 4 weeks in total to repair it then moved house it broke down again flooding my kitchen called them and because i had misplaced the receipt they refused to fix it they refused for three months. Then sent me a letter saying my guarantee was about to run out and if i pay them over £50 they would cover it for a further year this annoyed me to say the least i called...