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Senior Dimensions Complaints & Reviews

Senior Dimensions - Nevada, Las Vegas / Medical personnel assigned

Oct 20, 2016

It seems to me that this company has gone from being really good to less than mediocre. Good doctors are let go and they are replacing them with MDs mostly having gone to foreign schools and PAs are doing most of the work. I don't deny that PAs can be as good as some doctors but they are not trained to spot serious issues. For myself I tell you that in a relatively short time I lost 3 primary care physicians and now a cardiologist. When joining SD 9 years ago we were told that they would always staff Henderson with good doctors in plenty of locations. Now I have to travel about 15 miles to a...

Senior Dimensions / Terrible company


I am just a humble housewife and my husband has been admitted at St Rose Siena for almost a month now because of painful obstructive jaundice. Work-up in this hospital revealed a common bile duct mass likely consistent with Cholangiocarcinoma (klatskin tumor). Several doctors/surgeons, including his doctor at the hospital agreed and stated in writing that this very complicated, difficult and risky surgery could only be done in UCLA Medical Hospital because no doctor here in the valley can perform such intervention, having no right equipment and certainly no experienced staff to do it. UCLA ha...