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Sealy Mattress Complaints & Reviews

Sealy Mattress - New York, Carle Place / Defective Mattress

Jun 19, 2015

Save your self the agony of purchasing defective items at an over priced rate. I purchased a king sized mattress in June of 2014 which cost me well over 1000 dollars. From the very first night that I laid on this mattress, I noticed that I was sleeping on a decline. The top middle of the bed had a large dent. It felt really awkward and I woke up with sever back pains. I immediately called their claim center to address this problem. This company knowingly sold me a defective item that causes me unnecessary pain and suffering!!! Since 2014, I’ve filed THREE claims and all of them got...

Sealy Mattress - California, Huntington Beach / Does not stand to &sold& warranty


Sent to JCP via Mail R.R. w.enclosure of letter ignored by JCPenny’s, If no solution or acceptable rebuttle is received by November 30, this will be forwarded to the media and others. Mailed: October 21, 2010 Sealy’s Mattress Warranty appears as a Farse J.C. Penney’s sells and advertises Sealy and the Warranty and then plays “cat and mouse” with its patrons. Penney’s investigates, Sealy determines, and then Penney’s washes their hands The end result, …. You and I Loose.!!! The Case: 5 years into a 10 year warranty on a one sided King Size...

Sealy Mattress - Massachusetts, Braintree / exchange waranty


for any sales man for mattress giant store i cant believe the crab and the hard time that you people are giving to us like measure the mattress with a broom and a rule right on the middle of the mattress bla bla bla i think this is qay to rediculous in othe for us to exchange this crab instead of taking the word for it and exchange at least one time with no question ask i guest is the american way to change things i garanty you that i will not buy no more furniture from mattress giant stores and i will publish the notice to the public and consummer

Sealy Mattress - New Jersey / defective mattress and boxspring


Bought original mattress in 2002 (Kingsdown) from Sleepys, within a short time it sagged, they replaced mattress five times, each time I had to pay $50 delivery fee. the last time I insisted they replace the boxspring also, they tried to charge $100 for delivery, I fought it and paid $50. Anyway, $250 wasted dollars on top of a defective mattress. I contacted Kingsdown but they wouldn't talk to me, said I had to go through Sleepy. Finally they agreed to provide a pro-rated credit for a new purchase but I had to buy from Sleepys (ugh). This time purchased a Sealy and had to pay twice the...