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Scooter Depot Complaints & Reviews

Scooter Depot - California, Chino / Refusing

Aug 1, 2013

Purchased by Visa Debit by phone from Website advertising on May 6, 2013 May 8, 2013 funds of $2, 437.00 cleared my bank. May 20, 2013...14 days bike in transit from Ca. to Austin, Tx. Saia Trucking Company delivered damaged container...called on phone right away. Advised me to take photos of container and list any damages and they would make good at NO Charge to me. May 22, 2013...Sent photos of damaged container/list of parts missing/Sent all this via email to Parts Dept. August 1, 2013...last few months my dream scooter has become a nightmare...Plastic cowling is cracking/After break-i period...

Scooter Depot - Texas / selling used parts for new

Jun 20, 2012

I am repairing a customer's scooter and needed to replace the front fender sections and legshield. The parts representative told me they had the front fender sections in the color I needed. I asked about the legshield in the same color and was told I didn't want that one. I asked for a white one instead and he told me they had one. I purchased all 3 components for $175.00. I have been in the motorcycle/scooter business over 35 years and knew that their price was too high, however I only had my customer in mind and not a profit, in order to expediate the repairs. I received the part...

Scooter Depot - California, Chino / bait and switch

Feb 15, 2012

I ordered a 200cc street legal Enduro motorcycle. They called to tell me it was unavailable and would I want a 125cc dirt bike instead for the same price. After some research I found out they are not allowed to sell this model in California (emissions), so they lied to me. This company appears to be run by Chinese nationals with no clue - stay away from them!

Scooter Depot - Kentucky / non working defective product

Sep 12, 2011

I purchased a 150cc trike from Sunny Sports on 8/12. received the vehicle with SOOO many damages that i could not even believe what i saw. I called and explained about the damages and was told to send pictures. I sent the pictures and have come to the conclusion that 9 parts need to be replaced. 9 VERY EXPENSIVE PARTS that this company doesnt have. They talk about how great their customer service is and how they have ALL the parts in stock. try calling them pretending to be a normal customer and ask for parts..see how long you wait before you talk to someone..i have documented every single...

Scooter Depot - California / MC-TS9 trike scooter


I purchased the MC-Ts9 trike from scooter depot .The people there were VERY friendly and helpful BEFORE the purchase. This trike arrived with several problems.. one main one was It had a GAS LEAK on the EXHAUST pipe!! when i called to try to speak to the girl that sold it to me they kept putting me on hold. She wouldn't take my call.After about 5 attempts and being put on hold forever I was told she only deals with sales.Incidently (This girl was as friendly as a best friend before the sale. I was then told i needed to talk to technical support. I asked to speak to the mananger and a VERY...

Scooter Depot - California, Chino / Misrepresented GoKart

Ri Hardin (KY) County Courthouse Small Claims Court (See above links) Case: Richard Leal VS Sunny Sports Inc, Amy Barnes, Global Marketing Analysis, and Sunny Sports Inc President Ms. Lei LU 8 June 2010 10:00 Fellow consumers with buying items from Sunny Sports Inc and getting misrepresented - I guess I will see all of the above in my County Court House - Will keep you posted!! Consumers - Please contact the CA State Attorney General for Consumer...

Scooter Depot - California, Chino / Big Scam


Don't buy there, rather take your money and give it to some poor bum at the streets! These guys just scam you. One big ripoff! I bought a scooter in March 2010 - got a 2008 model. It's supposed to have ABS brakes - of course it doesn't have them. No engine kill switch on the kick stand - no safety inspection! First take off the kick stand, because if there isn't one, it will not be inspected! Because of the age of the scooter it's totally rusty already - actually it should rust on me while I drive it over the years, well they took care of that for me - somehow?!? They...

Scooter Depot - Maryland, Baltimore / Scooter doesn't run


H O R R I B L E!!! Stay away!!! We ordered a pink scooter. Customer service and delivery were flawless. Drove it 2.8 miles and that was it... dead in the water. My husband had to take the carburator off and send it back for a new one. Just got that and it leaks from every gasket. Now we need another carburator from them and keep wasting money now for return freight. What a waster of money!!! By the time he does get a brand new scooter working, it will be winter and I won't be able to ride it, and that is only if we ever get it fixed.

Scooter Depot - California, Irwindale / Terrible service


I read the complaint here and said it was just other people complaining.I was very wrong in not trusting what other consumers had to say. If you buy from this company, you will have to but some anti depressant also.I bought the 150cc atv for my daughter and the salesman was really helpful. When I got it delivered, the battery was bad. 2MONTHS LATER OF ME TRYING TO GET SOME SERVICE, I still don't have a battery. I call and get put on hold and then disconnected.They never call back, respond to emails or have the brains to take care of a customer.If you want to buy something from them, send...

Scooter Depot - California, City of Industry / Bad product & service


I purchased a scooter from Sunny Sports/Scooter Depot. I have had nothing but problems with it since I received it (later than promised). First, I paid extra to have it delivered with a lift truck but it came with one driver and no lift so I had to find someone to help the driver unload it. Then I had to replace the fuel filter because it was cracked. The turn signals don't work correctly. Sometimes they won't come on. Now, the scooter won't start at all. I have emailed and called Sunny Sports several times. When calling there is always 3 or more people on hold before me. I have...