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Schick Complaints & Reviews

Schick / Disrespectful advertising


My business is graphic design/advertising (on a small local scale). I've found that there are instances of thoughtful and intelligent creativity in advertising, but they are becoming fewer and fewer - lately, I tend to be thoroughly embarrassed by my industry more often than not. Quizno's and Burger King come to mind when I think "tasteless" and I'm not talking about their food. And, I actually thought I couldn't be more embarrasssed by anything since for years we've been subjected to ads for underwear and personal care products to products to induce or enhance sexual...

Schick / Bad service


For awhile I used Veet hair removal the bladeless kind, but I started developing rashes from it yes even with the for sensitive skin kind too..I was looking for a quick, but safe way to shave while in the shower so I tried the Intuition's great if you want to pay nearly $9 for two maybe three shaves..the soap melts on the bottom first which can cause nasty cuts and scrapes and an occassional razor burn if you don't keep any eye on the razor head will rust.the refills are a silly $11 a pop..not going to happen I switched to the silk effects razor not bad...