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Scentura Creations Complaints & Reviews

Scentura Creations - Michigan, Rochester Hills / Scam

May 18, 2012

A nice and neat scam selling repackaged parfumes. Quite clever if you ask me. Oh by the way if you are near the address check out the creepy office location. As for names this company was headed by Brian Warner go ahead check face book only 1 pic no post but ton of friends looks like there way to keep in contact. He was caught doing this in 2009 by and Internet scam guy who goes around finding and disrupting scams. As the host nick names him bozo. BEWARE He drives a nice big black truck with lots of chrome 4 doors. Usually seen with Ericka his business partner.

Scentura Creations - Nevada / Overstepping Bounds

Feb 21, 2011

Where do I even start? It has been two years since I have worked for these con artists, however I feel as if I should still say a complaint anyway. I worked for this company for 7 weeks, believing that their ridiculous lies of getting my own office and making six figures a year would be true. Then one day I started noticing the big red flag. I was supposed to go on one of their business trips called "Satelite" to El Paso Texas, where you do the same thing, sell knock off perfumes out of your car in gas station and Wal-Mart parking lots. I was not about to take my car to Texas, so I left it...

Scentura Creations / Scam and cheating


Again, they hurry you through the interview process, make you take notes regarding the company and training. Never do they give you any training procedures that a normal company would. First day of orientation, they promise you will get paid for training, even though it would be minimum wage, and in cash. Not true, the only money you get is your commission from selling the 'perfume' while they sit in the office making lots of money for your efforts. I thought it wa going to be different, although they say it is not a pyramid, it is, though they do it in such a way that legally they can't be taken down.

Scentura Creations / Stay away from them


I had a bad feeling from the start about this company, but I ended up going to the 1st and 2nd interview just because I was desperate for a job. they make it seem like its a dream job- you get to have your own office, hire people, etc. and that we would be making tons of money (during training too). So I go to the orientation and then the day after that- and everybody is heading out to sale sale sale. I thought ok-- maybe we're going to some special sight just for this one day to try and sell the products. But we ended up going business to business. My 2nd day of selling- a police office...

Scentura Creations - New Jersey, Cherry Hill / Terrible company!


I am going through a lawsuit right now with Extreme Northeat a company of scentura creations. And the Cherry Hill Police cant do anything to shut the company down. This is because these companies don't have to be registered with the towns or cities they're located in. Why I have no idea. But I do believe they have to be registered with the better business bureau. And of course they don't pay taxes. I wasn't handed a W2 or whatever the tax form is for sales people. Usually with all the other ACTUAL jobs Ive had... the day of orientation I was handed all these forms to fill...