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SBS Transit Complaints & Reviews

SBS Transit / suddenly break harding

Nov 03, 2017

I am May Lee. In the morning, I want a complaint about bus driver 163, Hougang, bus no. SBS8767U on October 25, 2017. I hope SBS helps me in this case. This incident has made me start my week badly. Please investigate and see your cctv for a clearer picture of what happened as the driver pressured suddenly. Perhaps I was not seriously injured but had caused other passengers to engage and cause dangerous stress especially to parents and children. One I saw there were students who had broken eyes and some passengers fell. That's a very irresponsible act, I also want the management to make sure...

SBS Transit / 63 Bus Drivers

Feb 23, 2012

Today, 23/2/12, at 19 45, the bus stop opposite of Tiong Bahru Plaza, 10161. A bus 63 arrived and as i was waiting to cross the road when it turn green. As soon as it turned green, i rushed up to the bus and as i was approaching it, it started to move away. I was already at a point where the bus driver could clearly see me and YET, he drove away. I was too busy chasing the bus and didn't notice the pillar, i just hit right onto it. Somebody tell me, IS THIS A WAY TO TREAT A PASSANGER? NO!!! I can understand that he might be tired but please, we are humans as well, same as him. we are tired after the whole day of work and other things too. Please, we just want to hurry home too!!!