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SaveOnMyAlarm is providing the security and peace of mind we need at a fraction of the cost… One week into my roommate and I moving into our new place, our house was broken into! Nice way to start out in a new home. Thank god, we were on a weekend trip. However, it happened once, so what if it happened again and we were there? It was hard to sleep at night with that thought lingering. We are both college students with part-time jobs, so we couldn’t spend much on alarm monitoring and ADT, Brinks, etc. were just out of our price range. Me being the queen of Google searching that I... - Florida, Havana / Loyal Customer of


I have been a loyal customer of for years now. I decided to look into different Alarm monitoring companies after our neighbor was killed in a home robbery. I was a single mother with three young children in a not-so-great neighborhood. I could not afford much a month in monitoring fees, which is why I decided to try them. I have never had a problem with them, and have been extremely happy and worry free. We once had a close call but their response was so fast it did not turn into an incident, thank god. If you are looking for inexpensive and reliable home security, they are definitely the way to go. / Scam


Thieves need to brake into your house to steal something. does not have to go to your house they do it through the computer. This a big scam, bait and switch and they hold you hostage, by threating to ruin peoples lives when you catch on to them. They will threaten to goto collection agencies to run your credit. This company does bussiness under so many names that I can not count. They keep switching there name when people catch on to there scam. you are not signing up for no $5.95 alarm monitoring. The coupon they offer you is also a scam. They tell you over the phone that... - Washington, Kirkland / Bait and Switch, Fraud, Scam.


This is a bait and switch operation. I signed up in March thinking I had clicked on a month by month plan and prepaid the first three months at a charge of $5.95 per month. After 3 months I start getting bills for $19.95. I called Mr. Ben Price and he tells me I signed a two year contract! If you don't doubt that this is a bait and switch site, visit it, and pick the $5.95 price plan and go to the order page. There is NOTHING that warns you that you are signing a 2 year contract and no links to any terms and conditions on the order page. There are dozens upon dozens of... - Washington, Kirkland / Fraud and scam


I researched and found this company online to supply alarm monitoring services for my house.I ordered from there web site a $159 CELLULAR TRANSMITTER FOR FREE from the site it said that you prepay the $159 and they would credit it against monthly alarm monitoring service fees. After I ordered I was emailed a invoice for $45 SHIPPING AND $60 EXTRA CELLULAR FEE. Instead of $5.95 per month, they told me it is now $19 per month plus another $10 per month. So it goes from under $6 per month to $30 per month.I called then right away and asked them to explain the charges. They told me that it is what... - Washington, Kirkland / Hence charges are BOGUS.


Mr. Ben Price will try to lure you in offering low low rates and will even say that they have NO CONTRACT TERMS and will suggest to look at FAQ section on their web site under "What are contract Terms". If you have pre-paid service, they will send you emails telling you that their monitoring station is receiving some signal(happened in my case) and WILL TRY TO HOOK YOU UP for one more year by burying more clauses in the email. Their intention is somehow to keep you billing for life. I have received POTENTIALLY THREATENING emails from their CEO telling me what they will do if I do not...