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Sasan Nickbakht Complaints & Reviews

Sasan Nickbakht / Sleep Apnea Center Provides Best Apnea Solutions

Jun 28, 2012

Unicare Sleep Center’s owner Sasan Nickbakht is a scam and the clinic run by him is full of malpractices. When it comes to sleep apnea problems, then you will come across various fraud clinics that are full of malpractices. According to some of the patients, Sasan Nickbakht has made claims that are not practically feasible and that is why it is a scam. One such fraud and scam clinic is Unicare Sleep Center. Not only they rob people but they follow treatment methods that are unacceptable. But as I was a patient suffering with sleep apnea syndrome and looking for solutions to overcome my...

Sasan Nickbakht / Sasan Nickbakht and his Innovative Techniques

Jun 28, 2012

Sasan Nickbakht or Sammy claims that his sleep disorder treatments are the best in the medical field but he has failed miserably time & time again. Sammy has made false statements on his website to lure patients but do not be a victim of his fraud practices, as some suggest. His Unicare Sleep Center does not care about the patients and they mob people for money, thus Unicare Sleep Center is a scam as negative reviews and feedback suggest. Don’t get fooled while going through their website, as they claim that they provide best sleep disorder solutions. As a victim of sleep disorder...

Sasan Nickbakht - New Jersey, Lyndhurst / Sasan Nickbakht Scam episode

Jun 26, 2012

Sleep Apnea Clinic is a scam just like its owner Sasan Nickbakht, who has had numerous scams under his name, what I can understand from the reviews and feedback. Though they claim of giving best remedies of sleep disorder of which I am suffering for the last couple of years but there have been negative reviews about them. Sammy’s Unicare Sleep Center is known for its fraudulent activities and scams. As my battle against trauma was continuing so my hunt for remedy grew rapidly and I was ready to try anyone who is providing such solutions. When I first came across Sleep Apnea Clinic on the...