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Sanderson Headers Complaints & Reviews

Sanderson Headers / Parts had to be modified

Dec 26, 2012

I bought a set of Sanderson headers for a 1951 Ford Truck with a flathead V8 engine. Welds were poor as I thought they would be tig welded not mig welded. The drivers side doesn't fit because of the dipstick. I then look at reviews and there are others with the same issue, however they had a 5" piece cut out. By the sounds I need to modify the parts myself. One would think that the company would let it be known to the customer that the parts need to be modified for various application. Should have researched first not after.

Sanderson Headers - California, San Francisco / bad attitude on customer question

Mar 20, 2012

contacted them by email 3 times with question about fitment of their headers to my car, they answered two emails briefly but i still didnt get the info i needed to be sure of the i emailed them the third time and they got iritated and basicly told me to [censored] off in polite email terms.i guess they have all the business they need so ill buy else where and im sure they could care less.want everyone to be carefull with these folks im getting bad not a bad guy i never said anything i thought would piss them off buy i guess i did .companys now a day should treasure potential customers how many customers can they afford to lose. offended in las vegas

Sanderson Headers / shipping

May 17, 2011

I have ordered many parts from many companies and never had such a frustrating experince as with sanderson headers. on the 27th of april I ordered a pair of 26" exhaust turnouts for replacments of the ones I have because they got banged up a bit. I relized I had accidently ordered ceramic coated instead of the chrome I wanted, entirely my fault. I called your company and spoke to a gentelmen that said theese are no longer being produced and we have none in stock. I said darn, then I would like to please cancel my order, while on hold another gentelmen answered the phone I explained what wa...