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Sally Jean Complaints & Reviews

Sally Jean / Items were paid for but NEVER sent

Oct 4, 2011

I ordered one of the 'Stix' charms and a silver necklace from Sally back in March 2011. The money was taken immediately out of my bank and I paid through paypal. 2 months later I had not received my items so I emailed Sally Jean using the two email addresses from her website. I received no reply! So I sent another, again no reply... This kept going on and so I called paypal for a refund but because I ordered it over 6 weeks ago I couldn't claim! My order was just over 60 dollars. I then located Sally Jean on Facebook and sent her messages on there, no reply AGAIN! By...

Sally Jean - California / Failure to deliver paid merchandize

Oct 3, 2011

I paid 108.00 to Sally jean via paypal for 5 charms. I never received the charms. Mi have made several attempts to contact them via telephone (number cancelled) and email with no response. I am now out 108.00 and have no merchandise. Kelly

Sally Jean - Oregon, Portland / Sally Jean

Aug 13, 2011

Both my Mother-in-Law and I have ordered several times in the past from Sally Jean – we love her jewelry. We always get compliments when we wear her charms and therefore we have passed her name/website onto many of our friends/colleges. About 2 ½ months ago my MIL ordered a charm as a graduation gift for her niece – she has yet to receive this item even though it has been charged to her credit card. She has emailed several times (to two different email address for Sally Jean) and has not received one response. She also tried calling, but the phone # has been disconnected...

Sally Jean - Washington, Redmond / Refund NOT received!


I registered for two of the Sally Jean workshops offered in Chicago during September 2010 and paid a total of $330. The classes were cancelled by the instructor (Sally Jean) due to a "family emergency" and I have not received a refund. I have repeatedly been trying to contact Sally Jean through email and PayPal but she is not responding. I finally resorted to filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I am like a dog with a done on this... I will NOT stop until this woman gives me my money back. If I am not successful with the BBB, I am considering contacting an attorney. I am not...

Sally Jean - Oregon, Portland / Took $- did not fill order or respond


Like the others...they have a great looking site- took my pay pal order for over $140 and did not respond. When i inquired within the first 2 weeks she emailed telling me they were moving and be patient (now I think to get me past the 45 day paypal window) and now they will not respond at all. I did notice on the site, they have a new Christmas 2010 area- so they are still soliciting business. Very frustrating. Very unprofessional. I guess I can kiss my money goodbye.

Sally Jean - Oregon, Portland / Merchandise Not Received; Failure to Respond


In September 2008, I placed an order with Sally Jean for two items; one a charm, the other a necklace. Although I received the charm (albeit in an untimely fashion), I never received the necklace. I have made several attempts by e-mail to resolve this matter with no response from either Sally Jean or her husband Brad, who apparently handles the business aspects of the company.