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Onlinewebtraders.comWell I got ripped off by these scam artists as well

Yip, well I got ripped off by these scam artists as well, I signed up for them through cost me £79 and 2 days later I am still unable to sell anything, their shipping methods and costs are non-existent, when I tried some sample orders I found that Hampshire was being put into all of the paypal addresses, I emailed computer-dropshipping, that email got returned as undeliverable because thier inbos was over quota, I also emailed onlinewebtrading and that email also got returned as "No such file or directory", can't phone the suppliers as they have no phone number listed, so I sit here with a broken website, £79 out of pocket and no response from any of them. I read their terms and conditions and they seem to be adamant not to return ANY money you pay to them, I started to open up a paypal dispute and they had a message there saynig that they will fight back and claim legal costs if I continued to open up a paypal dispute. So I guess that's a hard lesson learned, just hope other people read these reviews before getting conned into paying these scam artists any money.

Onlinewebtraders.comIt's an absolute waste of money big time and you will without a doubt regret it

I am a member with this company as well. They host dropshiplands products and are absolutely rubbish. Stay well away from them. If you ask them for support you will get some real miserable responses and very patronising ones. I have had many dealings with them and trust me they are useless at service to the customer. Once they have your money you are dog $#@! If you do get a response from them it can take them ages to sort out your issue and it is done very amaturish if that's a word. If you join these you are MAD! You will regret it. The admin panel works with Dropshiplands products, but you can add your own products. Onlinewebtraders in my opinion have ripped off zencart and tried to claim it as their own. Sorry guys didn't work, zencart is leagues above you, and you block out in the admin all the important stuff that people NEED. The plus thing is that you can have thousands of goods on your website to host and look like the real deal. The down side is that they are so so expensive that the possible profit you could make has been already taken by the buyers. You will never succeed, never win and always be out of pocket. I wasted my money on this company and they do not offer any money back on any of their services, now what's that say about them, take the money and run the legal way. Don't do it, it's an absolute waste of money big time and you will without a doubt regret it!!!

  • Gi Jun 11, 2011

    Excuse me, but if you purchased a website package with them, and just expected it to work just because you paid for it, then no wonder you are dissapointed! Starting a business is not an overnight wonder, you actually have to work on it. I signed up with Onlinewebtraders just under a year ago. I have been working on my site for 9 months, enwrenching myself into the software and the PHP setup, making huge customisations to make the site look and work the way I want, and the way I believe my customers would want it to. Its hard work, but now thats its done, and after doing alot of work on SEO (again not an overnighter, its hard work) BUT now I have regular customers to my site, and am making money. The subscription with Onlinewebtraders has more than paid for itself now, and the support has been exemplary. I contact them with any issues and Caroline normally comes back to me within a few hours and has reoslved my problem. Maybe it was your attitude with them, that was being reflected back at you? To everyone else out there reading this article, feel free to take a look at my site to see what you can get, if you are willing to put the work in...

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