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Sai Alarm Complaints & Reviews

Sai Alarm / Disgrace for the alarm system businesses


This company sucks, their billing department really do not knowe what the hell they are doing. My contract was with APX another piece of *%^$# company then my contract was sold to SAI what a mistake. I had just decided to cancel my contract today and not renew it with this company, is not even worth it explaining their customer service because is a waist if my time. I decided to go with another company that has good ratings and cares for their customers.I just wanted to say, you guys should go out of bussines, close the doors and throw the key away. You are a disgrace for the alarm sysyem bussinesses.

Sai Alarm / Horrible to deal with


I signed on with this company 2 years ago 6/07, which was then called Firstline. I immediately had billing issues with them. Fortunately they called me and told me that they had forgotten to bill my visa acct for 3 months and needed to arrange for payment, about the same time, I think, they changed name to SAI. I rec'd a phone call on 6/29/09 from a collection agency stating that they were representing CastleRock Security for non-payment. I thought this was a hoax call since I had never heard of CastleRock (another new name for Firstline/SAI). They said this company had turned my account...

Sai Alarm - Illinois / Terrible Service


SAI is the worst company that I have EVER dealt with! Their Customer support (or lack there of) is paramount to fraudulent! If you ever need to contact them with an issue you can expect between a 35-75 minute phone call and you will NOT get anywhere with it. When you ask to speak to a supervisor or manager they tell you that they do not have one. When you finally convince them that you want to speak to someone higher up, they send you to a voice mail and no one ever calls you back. I have been on the phone with them for no less than 14 times over the last 4 months and have not found any...