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Royal Brunei Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Royal Brunei Airlines / carry-on baggage

Jul 12, 2017

I made it back to Brunei from Buffalo, US, via Hong Kong on July 4, 2017, and the only thing that I was missing was my carry-on bag. The contents of the carry-on bag made it back, but the Royal Brunei Airlines staff of BI636 flight from Hong Kong to Brunei took the carry-on bag away from me and made me carry the contents of the suitcase in my arms. I was furious, but I had to leave my carry-on bag on the floor of the airport where it looked like abandoned dangerous bag that might explode at any minute. The international airport safety regulations state that people should not leave any...

Royal Brunei Airlines / Lack of infomations

Oct 16, 2011

I phoned RBA ticketing at RBA Plaza (in Bandar) and asked about ticket regulations and prices. I was explained in full details and the woman in phone was really polite and friendly. Meaning, she has assisted or answered my queries. An hour after the call, I decided to buy the ticket. I went to the the front desk ticketing counter at RBA Plaza. The front desk woman attended me and I told her that I wanted to buy ticket to HongKong (return/two-way ticket). Now, I think before buying the ticket why not ask the front desk lady to explain to me the ticket regulations and prices (just to compare...