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RON WILLIAMS Complaints & Reviews

RON WILLIAMS - Colorado, Denver / Stole fundraising money from family in iowa, stole $10, 000 from church in colorado

Apr 4, 2017

Ron Williams: Stole over $10, 000 from church in Colorado. Filed fraudulent lien knowing that Colorado courts take time to review spurious liens so pastor had no choice but to pay ron williams off so the sale of the church and parsonage would not fall through. Also stole from many other people and businesses. Google: "Family of Child with Cancer Conned". (he even shorted the t-shirt company printing t-shirts for the fundraiser) Hawking yoga mats and chasing storms to sell roofs in Colorado. Google: "Sweet Mat, 9 News" Last know number is 720.372.6377.

RON WILLIAMS - California, ALL OVER MANY STATES / Fraud and scams


CALL: DET. BURNS - 562-698-6096 Call: SARGENT CAMPBELL - SFP -650-877-8918 U betcha I am upset. So are MANY victims in many states!!! REGARDING: RON WILLIAMS He is still on the loose at this time 10/09! Help us all with any information you may have. Between Nov 2003 and Mar 2004, Williams fraudulently obtained over $100, 000.00 in goods and services from several hotels and businesses throughout San Mateo, San Francisco, and Santa Clara counties. Williams has been described as a well-spoken and professional businessman. He sets up company accounts claiming that his “Board of...