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RoadLoans - Oklahoma, Miami / why roadloans

kate juicy on Apr 16, 2015
I am new to this complaints board And i've recently purchased a Toyota corolla.I do not have good credit and I mean my credit sucks.I was approved for a 26% apr and I put almost $10000 down.At first when a got a call from this girl named dela I was so excited that I was approved until I heard the apr.I was rude and hung up.Then I realized that no-one else could get me approved and I mean nobody my credit was ###.so I called back to get more information about it I purchased my vehicle from one of my local dealers in fl.The reason why I decided to join This board is because most of us here...

RoadLoans - Texas, Fort Worth zip code is 76161 / auto refinance

Debstar5552 on Aug 17, 2011
On Aug. 15th 2011 I applied to refinance my 2007 Toyota Corolla. I decided since my credit score is almost perfect due to the fact that I never had a late payment on my present auto loan through Connex, and have never had a late payment on any bills at all in the past 10 yrs., that I would get it refinanced for a low percentage rate, my rate now is 7.25 but Roadloans made it appear that they have lower percentage rates based on my credit score. They never replyed so I chatted with someone and they said it was declined because I put the wrong Social Security number in which surprised me because...

RoadLoans / Big lie

Master on Feb 25, 2011
I have already been approved for an auto loan but their ad makes you believe that they are here to help. They are now owned by Santandar which happens to hold 2 auto loans for me. I thought they might give me a better rate so I applied as a joint my wife and I. Surprise!! Rejected, please go and reapply try doing it jointly! What a joke. Stay away from them at all cost. They are not worth the hits on your credit. They say they are here to help but they just want to make your life worse.

RoadLoans / Misleading Advertizing

They advertise they fiance aybody but when you apply unless you have thousands of dollars in cash to put on a vehicle for a down payment they immediately decline your loan. False advertising is a crime. Switch and Bait is a crime. They need to be prosecuted immediately.

RoadLoans / Accessed credit report with no authorization

Roadloans made an inquiry into my credit report, and since I hadn't applied for a loan or co-signed for a loan, ANY type of loan, I was understandably upset. Neither the customer service rep nor her supervisor were able to locate an application. The supervisor suggested I contact their legal dept. Over the next week, I placed several calls to their legal dept, with no return call. I called Roadloans back and spoke with another supervisor. She was also unable to locate an application and said she would inquire about the delay in getting back to me. I received a call from their legal dept...

RoadLoans / Don't deal with them

Stay away from Road Loans and Triad Financial. They are a rip off company, they will steal your money, go somewhere else. after receiving my check in the mail, finding the car, paying out off pocket for insurance and doing all the paperwork with the dealer, I was told to reapply because I had not put my second job on the application. Later on, I found out this is a rip-off company with thousand of complains, and a lot of angry customers. They will also collect interest on interest first and your principal balance will be inflated and scratched further and you will pay double or even more of what is on sticker price!! Stay away from road loans. If they steal money from you, sue them also. They deserve this!!

RoadLoans / Did not want to help me, bad treatment

I called Roadloans to setup a deferment of my June payment. I had a work related jury and could not make a payment until I had a doctor’s release to return to work. I never missed a payment. I was given the run around. The attitude of their customer service is the worse I have ever heard. They are negative and treated me if the company was doing me a favour. If it was not for me being a customer who pay my bills Roadloands wouldn't last. I have never been late or missed a payment. This is just part of my troubles with Roanloans even after I made my July 7th payment they took two...

RoadLoans - Texas / Takes advantage of vulnerable consumers!

Roadloans is a vulture..taking advantage of those who must have a car to live but for reasons beyond their control can't use a traditional lender. They repo'd my car with no warning... saying I was 3 months behind. Before I could get all of the paperwork together and copies from my bank they had sold it at auction. Then I finally found out that they had posted one of my payments to my finance's account (we had a joint bank account). When we tried to set it straight they refused. They sent him a letter saying he had overpaid and his next payment would only be $31.00. He called to...

RoadLoans - Texas, North Richland Hills / Fraud and cheating!

I had the same problem but with Roadloans. I refinanced with HSBC and paid off the loan. First - Roadloans would not acknowledge payment and kept trying to charge me late fees etc. HSBC had to get my permission and speak for me, send copies of the cleared check etc. Then the title was 'lost' in the mail (read... never sent). So I moved to Kansas but the car is titled in Nevada. I need a lien release to get a new title from Nevada transfered to Kansas. The first lien release they sent was missing a number in the VIN. Nevada can't accept it. The second lien release said...
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