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Richtel Teleservices Complaints & Reviews

Richtel Teleservices / Payment not received/ SCAMMER

Mar 04, 2016

Richtel Teleservices is run by Rachel Mercado, the Project Manager. Owned by Richelle Ocampo A.K.A. Dang Bautista. We dialed their projects which started with DSI Healthcare but Richtel said that we need to stop and proceed to another project which is iAlfatech, which lasted for 1 week but they suddenly told us to transfer again to another project which is UK Survey. All of the 3 projects lasted for a month and they promised to pay us but they never did. So we filed a case in Philippine National Police (PNP) but now since they never give us any feedback, we will escalate it now to the Reginal Trial Court. We are now near to winning the case and have them jailed in the next days or so.

Richtel Teleservices / The company got two projects, but we nothing

Feb 25, 2016

Richtel Teleservices hired me my company to lead two projects. Everything was done on time and properly, and their manager was happy that they worked with us. The manager also added that they would pay for the work within two weeks after they would launch the project. However, we have waited a month and still didn’t get any checks or even excuses. The manager misled us and refused to pay for the work.