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Rewardport.com / I am going to report them to the BBB

Kilbek on Feb 6, 2013
Like so many others I have been waiting for over a year for my Wal-Mart gift card. So I'm going to go to BBB and report them and see what happens.

Rewardport.com / I have now been waiting 6 months for my Target gift card

Remasken on Dec 5, 2012
Don't use this website. I have now been waiting 6 months for my Target gift card. 8-12 weeks is a JOKE compared to what this website actually does. I have emailed them multiple times and they refuse to respond to anything. This website is a SCAM PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. And if you already have, like me, please report them to the better business bureau. They have already had multiple complaints but hopefully we can get them shut down and stop them from scamming anyone else. http://www.bbb.org/new-jersey/business-reviews/online-networking/reward-port-inc-in-cherry-hill-nj-90053854

Rewardport.com / REWARDPORT is just a big waste of time

Nicgile on Nov 21, 2012
I have worked for over a year to get enough points to get a $25 Target gift card for my daughter. I finally get there and try to go onto the site his morning to order the card, and i can't even get into my account. I keep getting a message that i need to be logged in. I AM LOGGING IN!!! It looks to me that my account has completely been wiped, now that i have finally reached my goal. REWARDPORT should be shut down! Don't even waste your time trying to contact them, either. I've sent several emails over the last several weeks, and months, and have never gotten a response REWARDPORT is just a big waste of time.

Rewardport.com - North Carolina, Clemmons / Do not pay their members

carolinagirl11 on Aug 14, 2012
This is a points for rewards site..reading emails..different tasks..surveys, etc. I redeemed points for 2 $25 gift cards to Amazon.com between 6 mos. and a year ago and have never gotten them...I have since redeemed another 7500 points for another $25..so now they owe me $75. They answered my first email when I wanted to know where my gift cards were and they said they "were running behind". Since then..they will not answer any emails...but they are still in business...Stay away from them unless you just enjoy wasting your time..SCAM..SCAM..SCAM.

Rewardport.com / I'd stay away from this site, you'll just be wasting your time

Galikene on Jun 22, 2012
I really don't even want to give it one star but I have to or the review won't go through. I'd be very wary of this site. I've been with this site since they came on the internet(a couple years now). Last Sept./Oct.(2011) I had finally saved up enough points to redeem for a $25 Walmart Gift Card. But, until this day(9 months later) I still haven't received anything! I have tried contacting them several times each month starting Jan. 2012. At first I received a reply that said its still being processed and it will take a little longer. But, every time I contacted them...

Rewardport.com / This site is now a SCAM and you will not get your reward

Halebino on Jun 21, 2012
I have been a member of this site for a few years even though it took a long time to earn enough points to cash out. I don't know what has happened to this site because I have cashed out a couple of times before and although it did take 8 weeks to get my reward I would always get it. I cashed out for a $25.00 Walmart gift card in November 2011 and it is now June 2012 I have sent them many emails and the first few would come back saying we are working on the site to make it better so just be patient and now they just will not answer my emails at all. This site is now a SCAM and you will not get your reward.

Rewardport.com / I feel betrayed by this site

Suppase on Apr 22, 2012
You take a chance with this site for sure. I worked for numerous months earning points on this site and finally earned enough for a Walmart Gift Card. I redeemed points on 1/4/12 and waited due to the site said that it would take 8-12 weeks. I thought that was a long time to wait in the beginning but it was their policy so I waited patiently. It is now 4/21/12 with no Gift Card at this time. I contacted them twice in the past two weeks with no response. This is ridiculous and they should not have a website if they are not going to follow through on their rewards. I am a member of many other...

Rewardport.com / Avoid them at all costs, it is just a complete waste of your valuable time

Vaiele on Mar 29, 2012
SCAM!!! I redeemed my $10 Amazon gift card about 2 1/2 months ago. I haven't received anything! What a waste of time. Everyday, I would click on their stupid e-mails that they sent me and sometimes they would send me as many as 15 a day, cramming my e-mail box with all of their junk! Now, after months and months of clicking on their stupid e-mails and work, they can't even send me a lousy $10 gift card. What a scam! I do surveys with other places who have always paid me, but not these ###. Avoid them at all costs, it is just a complete waste of your valuable time!!!

Rewardport.com / Avoid this site like the plague

Iplakere on Mar 22, 2012
AVOID THIS SITE!!! I have been waiting for my reward since 11/29/11, Its March 2012 and I have not received anything. I have contacted them twice, and I have received the same response. It is an form letter type of response that says they are behing on there processing and that they will send my reward as soon as it is processed. I belong to other points clubs and when I redeem their points, I receive my rewards within 2 to 4 weeks, which is an acceptable amount of time. I want to close my account with Reward Port but I am waiting to get my reward first.
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