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Resveratrol Complaints & Reviews

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Resveratrol / Trail period not reached

vred13 on Aug 12, 2011
Order some items and was called about another sample item, state 4 times that i did not want to order anything else. They stated I wouldn't be charged until the trial period was up - fine give me the number to cancel. They deducted the money for the free sample anyway. I called to get the charges reversed and was told that my trial period was up - it had been two days and the product hadn't left their shipping station yet...how could a 14 day trial period be up when I haven't even recieved the sample? Was told to return product unopened with RETURN FOR REFUND and the...

Resveratrol / Unwarranted credit card charges

robert urrutia on Mar 30, 2011
I few months ago I ordered a free trial of the product resveratrol. They stated that I would only be charged for the shipping . However for the next two months they shipped without my consent there product charging me full price each time and debiting my card for this. I was not aware they had been debiting my account until afterwards. Is it possble to be refunded. I will gladly return there product back.


Product does not work. 3 pound weight gain in 2 weeks, no loss. Not a thirty day free trial as advertized. Only two weeks. After contacting nuage labs to cancel order, they had already debited our credit card for a new shipment and the not free trial, in only two weeks. Now no money to feed our children. Very pissed off at this scam, ripoff. We want ALL our money back. And a written appology from the manufacturer.

Resveratrol / Anti-Aging Pill

I ordered a FREE sample of Resveratrol at one of my vonerable moments. I thought I had read all info but eventually not. I just received another bottle with no info in it not even a bill So I called to cancel which I didn't know I had signed up and found I had been billed $80 for the first bottle on my credit card. Unfortunatly my credit card co couldn't do anything about it. I did get a cancellation and was told I could send the last bottle back. I asked if I could send the first one back also as I hadn't opened it of course the answer was NO. You definately have to have a...

Resveratrol - Indiana, Indianapolis / failure to refund

After receiving my first bottle of this product, I had called them to stop shipments of any further product. They then shipped me three more bottles of this product, of which I called them and got an R.M.A. number to return them. This happened back in june of 2009. After calling them 6 times to see when they would issue my refund for the 3 bottles, they said that they could not refund my monies due to the fact it has been over 90 days . But they received their product back within 15 days of shipment. They have charged my account with over 250.00 of fraudulant charges, and have not replied to...

Resveratrol / Unauthorized billing

I had ordered Resveratrol for the .99 trial offer an now have been charged $87.13 which I don't have! I have finally got through and I'm screaming on the phone! The man (i had asked to talk to a supervisor) said his name was Jack Lawrence Jr., he said their address was 314 E. Dania Beach Blvd. Dania, FL 33004, I could hardly understand him. Hope this helps!!!

Resveratrol / Fraudulent withdrawal

On April 30, 2009, I took advantage of an internet offer for a "free" trial of Resveratrol. I did receive the product as promised. Two weeks later I noticed my bank account was automatically debited $175.25. When I contacted the company responsible via their phone number I got music on hold for about 15 minutes before I hung up and went to their website: Myordersupport.com. I was able to see my billing history for a number of products I had not ordered. I immediately cancelled the account but could not get verification.

Resveratrol - Tennessee, Cordova / charges unauthorized

Unauthorized charges approxiamely 89.95 monthoy appear on my credit car statements. Each month I call and ask that the charge be reimbursed. The company has tried to get me to split the charge and reimburse only $40.00. I refused. They then areed and even sent me an email stating that the charge had been reimbursed. The charges have continued for the past four months. Only one of the charges was credited. Today, I call my credit card and they are going to dispute the charges. I feel I was really taken by Barbara Walters' and Hugh Downs talking about the product and that's how I requested the first bottle of the pills. I cancelled within two weeks and have been charged for the four subsequent months.

Resveratrol - California, Hollywood / illegal charges on my credit card.

you people have illegally charged my chase credit card four times.Three in one day .I tried your product in early 2009 didnt like it, told 3 reps DO NOT CHARGE ANY MORE ON MY CARD EVER.IN mAY SOME CALLED, I WAS OUT SO i COULDNT WRITE HER NAME DOWN, WANTED TO KNOW IF i WANTED THIS CREAM.i SAID no, and you had better not charge on my card.I get my bill today 8-27-09 and i have been charged four times .grand total 174.88 .you either credit my account as IAM NOT PAYING THIS.MY ATTORNEY WANTS TO HANDLE NOW AS HE SAID YOUR COMPANY HAS NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS ON THE SAME TYPE SITUATION, CALLED STEALING...

Resveratrol / Don't buy this product

DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT. But if you already have, below is one solution to getting your money back! I would like to add that the RMA number (8 digits) which they demand must be on the box when returned for a refund IS ALREADY ON THE BOX. after spending 2 hours on the phone with these people, they finally decided to give me the RMA to get my full refund of $87.13 Ha!, the number is already on the box after: Resveratrol Ultra Me / 12345678... You too can send these back with the RMA number already on the box for a refund. Hmmmmm, let's see if it works...

Resveratrol / cannot get anyone to answer customer service, charging me without my authorization

These people are real scam artists! THey use Dr Oz as if he is a spokes person for their products and then lead you to believe they will send a "free" sample for a small fee, next thing you know they are hitting your account for 79 to 83 dollars at a time within a 2 wk period. You can never get anyone to answer their customer service number, and then they hang up on you and refer you to a website for customer service and no one ever comes to the chat to help you. I am closing my bank account just to stop them from charging me again!


Same as everyone else. No one who speaks English clearly. Refused to cancel in a timely manner. Sent product 1 day prior to charging account $88+ to deliberately post on a Saturday when you can't call your bank. Total scammers. AOL advertised this product and I am thinking about canceling my membership (15 years) because they allow this on their pages. I understand they can't keep it off the Internet, but AOL can decide not to run scams like Dentech, Dazzlewhite, and Resv TRIAL OFFERS! The worse part is that they have your credit card number. What good does a cancellation # do if they still have your credit card number. I hate thieves!

Resveratrol - Florida, Hollywood / Unauthorize charges

This company offered a 14 day trial period, yet the product arrived on the 13th day after placing the order. Nevertheless, I cancelled the product timely via their telephone automated service because I became suspicious when I was unable to get through to a "live" representative on the 24 hour customer service line. The product arrived with no receipt or information about returning the product. Despite cancelling timely, my account was charged for $87.13. I contacted my bank to get the charge reversed and placed a block on all future charges. CBS Evening News featured this company(FWM Laboratories) in a...

Resveratrol / No refund

First off no where on site does it say that buy adding your credit card num.for a trial offer of $4.95 will you in two weeks be billed for $89.99 and put on a auto ship plan. Sent bottle back 6 weeks ago with notice to cancel no reply. Looked online to day further and notice in small print on different site you must call first so the can badger you into keeping the auto ship for a num. to return your item there fore upon talking to a repersenitive today i don't exist and must supply a credit card copy and all my info. They did infact cancel it but did not refund my money. Scam!

Resveratrol - Florida, Hollywood / BARRY FOLGERS-OWNER

WHAT A SCAM!!! They advertise FREE TRIAL and you have to pay shipping!! ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR CC NUMBER LOOK OUT FOLKS! I cancelled my order in the given time and THEY STILL charged my CREDIT CARD...HAVE CALLED 5 times and STILL NO REFUND! You reach a CALL CENTER IN INDIA...NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH! This is truly a SCAM! DO NOT GET SUCKED IN WITH THE FALSE ADVERTISING WITH OPRAH and DR OZ ###!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY..RIP OFF ARTISTS FROM FLORIDA especially BARRY FOLGERS...just like MADOFF..ripping the american public off!

Resveratrol - Maryland / Fraud

Like so many others I ordered a FREE sample of Reservatrol. I was then charged twice on my credit card$87.13 & $83.18 for products I did not order or authorize. I called the number on the credit card and after 30 mins. a very foreign voice told me in no uncertain terms that I had ordered a free trial period under specific conditions, conditions which I was most definitely not made aware of, I was told I could only cancel the account which was still active. I have disputed the amounts with my credit card company and changed the number of my card so they cannot make any further charges. This i...

Resveratrol - Maine / unauthorized charges to my credit card

After being ripped off with unauthorized charges to my charge card from Resveratrol and Body Solutions, I quickly closed that credit card and the bank issued me a new one...and I disputed those charges ...for all those $ 79.00 and $ 69.00 and the $ 25.00 Live lean charges...and I copied and printed out many of the complaints other people put online about Resveratrol...and yes! My bank issued Chargebacks for each and every charge...which means that they Charged Resveratrol $ 25.00 per transaction to do all the refunds back to my account. Yes! They are hip to the rip-off's. Thank you Chase...

Resveratrol - Florida, Ocoee / want refund my money

I ordered a trieal bottle for .99, I received it and was billed in 7 days for $ 87.13 . they canceled my order the 22 of june and took anouther $ 83.18 out of my bamk . They finaly returened the first money of $87.13 on the 27th of june. I received the seconed bottle on June 27. and returned it on June 29. I have talked with them and they did not tell me to put a seperat return number on the 2 bottle I got from them. Now they say they have to investigate and told me to call back in 3 days. I have talked to sherie Judiy, Edward, Tracy and cyndy perkins. I was only informed today the 9 of June...

Resveratrol - Florida, Dania Beach / Credit Card Charges

Resveratrol: I ordered this product via an online after having reviewed several online pieces about it. The product itself provided no change in my well-being nor did I feel any energy boost / experience weight loss. The website purported to give a FREE bottle for $3.95 shipping and handling. This turned out not to be the case... Chain of events: 5/14/09 Ordered product 5/16/09 Billed for $1.00, and $2.95 separately 6/1/09 Billed $87.13 Note the rebilling of the $3.95 for s/h as the product is only $83.18 I was also charged for charges made outside the country by my bank... So something in...

Resveratrol - Florida / RIPPED OFF!

As mentioned in the other complaints, I too ordered a "FREE SAMPLE" due to Oprah's website recommendation and started getting charged $87.13 - so far I have received two charges as such plus shipping charges. I called them and got the same run around. I finally got a RMA # and I am returning the product. I also contacted my credit card company and they are refunding my charges. I will be on the look out for more charges! DO NOT USE THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY - YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF!!!
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