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Resveratrol Complaints & Reviews

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Resveratrol / Trail period not reached

vred13 on Aug 12, 2011
Order some items and was called about another sample item, state 4 times that i did not want to order anything else. They stated I wouldn't be charged until the trial period was up - fine give me the number to cancel. They deducted the money for the free sample anyway. I called to get the charges reversed and was told that my trial period was up - it had been two days and the product hadn't left their shipping station yet...how could a 14 day trial period be up when I haven't even recieved the sample? Was told to return product unopened with RETURN FOR REFUND and the...

Resveratrol / Unwarranted credit card charges

robert urrutia on Mar 30, 2011
I few months ago I ordered a free trial of the product resveratrol. They stated that I would only be charged for the shipping . However for the next two months they shipped without my consent there product charging me full price each time and debiting my card for this. I was not aware they had been debiting my account until afterwards. Is it possble to be refunded. I will gladly return there product back.


Product does not work. 3 pound weight gain in 2 weeks, no loss. Not a thirty day free trial as advertized. Only two weeks. After contacting nuage labs to cancel order, they had already debited our credit card for a new shipment and the not free trial, in only two weeks. Now no money to feed our children. Very pissed off at this scam, ripoff. We want ALL our money back. And a written appology from the manufacturer.

Resveratrol / Anti-Aging Pill

I ordered a FREE sample of Resveratrol at one of my vonerable moments. I thought I had read all info but eventually not. I just received another bottle with no info in it not even a bill So I called to cancel which I didn't know I had signed up and found I had been billed $80 for the first bottle on my credit card. Unfortunatly my credit card co couldn't do anything about it. I did get a cancellation and was told I could send the last bottle back. I asked if I could send the first one back also as I hadn't opened it of course the answer was NO. You definately have to have a...

Resveratrol - Indiana, Indianapolis / failure to refund

After receiving my first bottle of this product, I had called them to stop shipments of any further product. They then shipped me three more bottles of this product, of which I called them and got an R.M.A. number to return them. This happened back in june of 2009. After calling them 6 times to see when they would issue my refund for the 3 bottles, they said that they could not refund my monies due to the fact it has been over 90 days . But they received their product back within 15 days of shipment. They have charged my account with over 250.00 of fraudulant charges, and have not replied to...

Resveratrol - Tennessee, Cordova / charges unauthorized

Unauthorized charges approxiamely 89.95 monthoy appear on my credit car statements. Each month I call and ask that the charge be reimbursed. The company has tried to get me to split the charge and reimburse only $40.00. I refused. They then areed and even sent me an email stating that the charge had been reimbursed. The charges have continued for the past four months. Only one of the charges was credited. Today, I call my credit card and they are going to dispute the charges. I feel I was really taken by Barbara Walters' and Hugh Downs talking about the product and that's how I requested the first bottle of the pills. I cancelled within two weeks and have been charged for the four subsequent months.


Same as everyone else. No one who speaks English clearly. Refused to cancel in a timely manner. Sent product 1 day prior to charging account $88+ to deliberately post on a Saturday when you can't call your bank. Total scammers. AOL advertised this product and I am thinking about canceling my membership (15 years) because they allow this on their pages. I understand they can't keep it off the Internet, but AOL can decide not to run scams like Dentech, Dazzlewhite, and Resv TRIAL OFFERS! The worse part is that they have your credit card number. What good does a cancellation # do if they still have your credit card number. I hate thieves!

Resveratrol - Florida, Ocoee / want refund my money

I ordered a trieal bottle for .99, I received it and was billed in 7 days for $ 87.13 . they canceled my order the 22 of june and took anouther $ 83.18 out of my bamk . They finaly returened the first money of $87.13 on the 27th of june. I received the seconed bottle on June 27. and returned it on June 29. I have talked with them and they did not tell me to put a seperat return number on the 2 bottle I got from them. Now they say they have to investigate and told me to call back in 3 days. I have talked to sherie Judiy, Edward, Tracy and cyndy perkins. I was only informed today the 9 of June...

Resveratrol - Florida, Dania Beach / Credit Card Charges

Resveratrol: I ordered this product via an online after having reviewed several online pieces about it. The product itself provided no change in my well-being nor did I feel any energy boost / experience weight loss. The website purported to give a FREE bottle for $3.95 shipping and handling. This turned out not to be the case... Chain of events: 5/14/09 Ordered product 5/16/09 Billed for $1.00, and $2.95 separately 6/1/09 Billed $87.13 Note the rebilling of the $3.95 for s/h as the product is only $83.18 I was also charged for charges made outside the country by my bank... So something in...

Resveratrol - Georgia / cancel,charge,customer service

I have received another charge on my credit card for resveratrol which I cancelled several months ago. I had not received anything since then. This month there is a charge on my credit card AGAIN. I DID NOT RECEIVE any resveratrol either. I don't want the pills and I would like the charge removed. I called the customer service line and listened for the prompts. I followed them and pressed 3 to speak to a customer service rep and was put in a loop. There was no person all 5 times when I tried. I will be contacting a lawyer. Thank you

Resveratrol - Texas, Texas City / taking money out of my account not authorized

I ordered a free bottle of Reservatrol and only had to pay for shipping so the web site saiud. The next thing I know they were sending me two more bottles, charged my account multiple times 87.00 each time! I called the 1-866-949-0138 number on package and cancelled and they sent another bottle a few days later! I can not get them to stop debiting my account! help!!! This is the address listed on package: Shipping Manager 3007 Greene Street Hollywood Fl, 33020

Resveratrol / hiding fees and not sending product while charging card over and over

I ordered the .99 offer of a 'free' sample. I never saw anything that said I had to cancel within a certain amount of time or I would be charged again. In fact I really looked the site over before I ordered it. I stupidly thought that if Dr. Oz's name was attached to the site, that it had to be legitimate. I did receive the first sample bottle. I have never received anything since, except for three charges for around 87.00 and extra fees that so far have amounted to over 257.00 in one month!!! I tried to get my bank to stop payments but they weren't very helpful at first...

Resveratrol - Florida, Hollywood / paid money/no product

SWM laboratories takes money out of my banking account then fails to deliver the Resveratrol. The customer service line is a joke! If you speak to a live person it is a miracle. Otherwise, the automated message just loops around and around. I have contacted my bank to refuse anymore requests for money from SWM labs. I asked that my membership be canceled then all of a sudden the connection goes bad. All I know is additional money better not be missing from my bank account. I will be contacting WDIV television in Detroit, and the Attorney General of the State of Michigan. How can SWM rip people off with such abandon? Theresa Chambell

Resveratrol - Florida, North Miami Beach / stealing money from my bank account

I went ahead and ordered the "free" Reseveratrol after reading that it only cost .99 for shipping. There was nothing else to indicate that I wanted to order anything else, and I certainly wasn't interested in that. I used my debit card to pay for the postage. Once the bottle came, there was no packing slip, no way to know how to send it back or contact the company. I set it aside and forgot about it. This weekend I saw a pending charge to my checking account for 87.00 and when I called the bank to inquire about it they told me that I bought something from a specialty store and gave me...

Resveratrol - Pennsylvania, Jeannette / Unathorized charges

What a scam. I order the "free" trial offer for .99 plus $3.95 shipping and handling. It is anything but free. About 2 weeks after I received my "free" shipment my credit card was charged $40.00. I tried contacting the company and after many unsuccessful attempts I finally got thru only to be put on hold and transferred around like you wouldn't believe. I was assured that I would receive a credit in the full amount of $40.00. It never happened. So...I tried again and again and again only getting the run around. If you get Heather the supervisor... Beware... Definitely the most rude of the...

Resveratrol - Florida / no safety seal on sample bottle

customer service, i accepted the chance for a resveratrol sample from the Barbra Walter's 60 minute special, and i would truly like to try the product, i recieved it yesterday in the mail and today when i opened it, unfortunately there was no safety seal under the cap, and i am heeding the warning on the bottle to not use if seal is broken or missing. i am 71 years young and i would love to shave some of those years off as the product claims, but you see my problem with a broken seal, i will not get the chance to even try. i will not even take an asprin if the seal is broke or missing...

Resveratrol - Florida / misleading advertisment

I too have been bamboozled by this company. After hearing Dr. Oz endorse resveratrol on Oprah, I felt rather familiar with the product when it appeared on my Yahoo page. The advertisement read, "FREE TRIAL", all I would have to pay is shipping, sounds good, right. Unfortunately, $91 later I'm highly perturbed. One bright morning I checked my account and $85 had been charged to my account by resvpure. When I contacted the company at 877 803 7746 and spoke with Tony, I was informed that I had not carefully read the terms and conditions section, which stated that I would be charged monthly...

Resveratrol - California / Unauthorized charges on credit card

After ordering the trial version they scam you by automatically billing your credit card after the 15th day. You will not get your money back when you call to cancel. There is no way of knowing whether you want this product in the first 14 days. Avoid this company and product. It is a scam.

Resveratrol - Florida / misleading advertising

Company promoted a 10 day "Free Trial" for $4.95 shipping and handling. The "Trial CM" was to include a 14 day supply of Resveratrol, a DVD, Professional Exercise booklet, Exclusive Diet and Nutition Guide and Swedish Measuring Tape. I ordered the free trial on 4-14-09. I received only the 14 day supply of Resveratrol on April 25, 2009. On May 4th I attempted to cancel the order. I called the 800 number provided. I was on hold for 30 minutes with very irritating music which was very loud. The 800 number was only available Monday-Friday from 9am6pm est. This was within the 10 days from the time...

Resveratrol - Utah, Orem / Deceitful Tactics

This company offers a free trial sample for a small shipping fee BUT they do not send it to you until 10 days from the date you placed your ordered and AFTER they have charged your account for the full price amount. Even if you canceled the day after you placed your order using the contact us portion of their website. When you try calling the number they list, you find yourself speaking with a person in the country of Panama. I searched the web for3 hours before finding the company behind this website and spoke directly with them. I've noticed they have updated the website since I finally...
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