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Resurgent Capital Services LP Complaints & Reviews

Resurgent Capital Services LP / Fraudulant Debt Collection


Resurgent Capital Services sent me a letter about a debt that I owe to capital one credit card. The letter had an account number and all info on it. The amount owed was higher than it was originally but I figured the extra was collection fees. I sent a payment to them figuring that it would be applied to the balance. This was not the original collection agency who was collecting on the debt but I figured maybe the debt was sold to a different company. So, a week later, I get a call from the original collection Agency which was Portfolio Recovery Services and they tell me that they own the debt...

Resurgent Capital Services LP / Attempt to offer fraudulant credit for debt not owed or valid


I have been offered a Visa through Resurgent Capital Services L.P. to pay off a debt that I do not owe. They would like to me to agree to pay 888 dollars and if I take this deal they will reduce my debt down 98.70 dollars. They are claiming to own an account from RNB (Retailers National Bank) Target. I haven't had a credit card with Target since 10/13/2000 which is the day I made my last payment on a card with nothing more than a 300 dollar limit. The original account number does not match my last account number, nor does it match any other RNB card I had last. My credit report i...