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redi set go express Complaints & Reviews

redi set go express / teflon coting peals off after a few uses and gets into your food

Feb 14, 2012

I bought two of these cookers. They both had the same problem. after a few uses the Teflon coating which is a carcinogen, peals off and gets into your food. The outside paint coating bubbles up from the heat and peals off and the timer knob just melted almost starting a fire in my kitchen...this is a real hunk of junk. Great concept just a really cheap made dangerous product.. DON"T BUY IT

redi set go express - Colorado, Louisville / qualitiy and durability of product


I bought two of these products, one for myself and one to save as a Christmas gift for a friend. The first time I used mine, the timer stopped working and the surface scratched with the special spatula provided with the item. I returned it to BrandsMart where I purchased it. The second time I used the new one, the paint started flaking off! What a disappointment!!! Love the recipes and idea, but the product itself stinks.

redi set go express - Colorado, Boulder / redi set go cooker


The same day I received the redi set go xpress the mailman dropped off a Carol Wright catalog offering the exact same item including shipping, extras, cookbook, etc. for $13.00 less than the amount I was charged. After trying to get in touch with their customer service dept via two emails and a phone call I received a sarcastic email telling me I was looking at the wrong picture of an old model. I emailed back and explained that if they looked carefully they would see that Carol Wright was offering both the old and new models for sale. If this product is as sleazy as the rest of this operation...