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Recreational Factory Warehouse Complaints & Reviews

Recreational Factory Warehouse / Floor models


I did not know that when you buy a spa which is not cheap that you get a floor model. Spa's that people have sat in to try out. Even though they are considered "dry" models people have been in them. So you are paying new prices for a used item. This is what is happening to us right now from the Recreational Warehouse in Sanford, Florida. We went to the Rec Warehouse store in Sanford found the model we liked which was the Adirondack. They told us they had a new one in the back. When we went to get it we found out it was the one off of the floor. It was on a jack and not packaged. They lied they did not have a new one packaged in the back like they said they did.

Recreational Factory Warehouse / I don't know what to do


I went to rfw in Greenville off frontage rd may 21st and I had found a pool that I liked and put 500.00 down on it. I called back and asked the store manager if I could have until the 11th of June because my husband just got back to work and he said well, it is gonna be the end of the month and we can't hold it, however we can see you another one for over 3, 000.00.i said uh no! I can't afford that. I am not rich and my kids have been wanting a pool for a time. He said well we can mail you a check back for your 500.00...I don't know what to do. Has anyone experienced this before from rec warehouse?