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HUGE scam!!! Can not find any people. Spent $39 and can't dispute charge as no address and phone number is not valid. ClickBank, also, can't be found This email confirms that you made a purchase from This transaction will appear on your statement as "CLICKBANK" or "CLKBANK*COM." ClickBank is the Internet's largest retailer of digital products. Please review the following information and keep this email for future reference. Thank you for your order. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PURCHASE INFORMATION Order Number: METKLCRM Order Date: 09/17/2009 7:23 PM PDT Product ID: 32 Vendor's Site: - Texas / SCAM, DOUBLE SCAM


Two or three months ago I subscribed to this SCAM. Once I saw that it had very little information, I immediately canceled. I got a confirmation letter from them that my credit card would be credited with the 39.94 of charges. That did in fact happen. It was billed as Clickbank or something like that. TODAY, I received my Credit Card Statement and they have used a different billing NAME and say that the product was ordered on July 17, 2009. When I sent them an email, they replied that I have full services but I don't have a user name nor a password. So I guess that I will let master Card... / Online scam


I was trying to find the father of my child, and bought the $39.95 package from - which goes to when you purchase. I noticed the receipt from ClickBank said the publisher's Site was; I tried my username and password, and couldn't access it. I tried another site on Google - www.Government-Records. com - which also went to RecordsLogin, and my name/pass were accepted there. Obviously this is a scam involving several different addresses. When you get into RecordsLogin, most of the links don't work - for instance, I tried...