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Real Del Mar Complaints & Reviews

Real Del Mar / No accountability


I agree that buyers have to be aware that the sales agents at development sales offices are not accountable for what they say to buyers. I found out that the sales staff at Real Del Mar are not considered agents of the Frisas Group, or any of the developers who are building in the development. That is the other thing many do not know, there are many developers building there. There have been so many problems. Frisas, the company who bought the property and subdivided it is from Mexico City and has no ties to Tijuana, and do not care about the area or the people. They are there strictly for...

Real Del Mar / Not what they show in a model


I visited Real Del Mar with a Realtor last year. They showed us a model. Then they say, but you have to put in your own kitchen, but you have to put in your own closets, but these fixtures are not what are in the bathroom. In other words, the model is not what they are selling. I got out of there fast. You have to ask, about every little detail about what actually comes in the house. I have never seen anything like that. You basically get a shell, you have to put in any wood finishing yourself, they give light bulbs, but no fixtures. So it seems relatively inexpensive, but by the time...

Real Del Mar / &Bait and Switch&!


I was taken to Real Del Mar by an agent who knew I was interested in houses. I was shown a model at an area called Almalfi. I was told my house could be ready in six months. Well, I never bought it, I just felt uneasy. They were not putting my deposit into an escrow account, they did not have inspections and other basic checks and balances. I have been contacted continuously about this, or a condominium. I went there again, and over a year later the house they tried to sell me is not there, nor are any condominiums. I just want the agent to quit calling me to follow up again. I can see...

Real Del Mar / Poor service!


Some complaints make it sound like Mexican real estate developers are targeting foreigners, but this is not true. I was staying at the Marriotte in Real Del Mar with friends on a golf weekend and met a woman who is buying there, but having to rent because her house has not been started yet. She was told her house would be ready in the summer of 2005. When it was not, she was told that it would be done in November. She and her husband have rented for over two years because they believed they would have their house. They are Mexicans. The people at Real Del Mar lie to everyone. Also, if a...

Real Del Mar / Condominiums not built!


Along with not building promised houses, they have sold rights to condominiums that have never been built. They had huge promotion parties, which I attended with my friends. They tried to sell me a condo. I am so glad I did not listen to the promises, aka: LIES. Jose Luis Corona was the the project manager, and he said the condominiums would be ready in 2005. Nothing has been started, and now they are going to begin a new sales promotion for other areas in Real Del Mar. Don't buy anything in that area that has not already been built yet. They take huge deposits, and use that money...

Real Del Mar / Failure to keep contract!


Because Frisas Construction of Mexico, the parent company of Real Del Mar, did not test the soil in areas of their development, they sold houses that have become unstable, and are failing to deliver other houses sold. On top of this, they have failed to deal honestly and fairly with the customers they sold homes to. Instead of working to solve the problems they have created, they have lied repeatably about the situations effecting numerous home purchases in the northern Baja development. The project manager, Jose Luis Corona, has failed to treat customers ethically. This is resulting in...

Real Del Mar / Not honoring contract


In December of 2004 I went to Baja to purchase a retirement/vacation home. I entered into a contract with Pedro Corona, a business man from Tijuana to purchase a home in the development, Real Del Mar. The sales office of Real Del Mar handeled all the process. I was supposed to get the home in July of 2005. Pedro's son, Jose Luis Corona is the project manager. He has lied to me over the last two years about getting the house. Pedro was going to get me a house that was already built, then Jose wanted more money. He told me in Mexico they have a saying, " A bad deal is better than a...