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Reading Club of America Complaints & Reviews

Reading Club of America - Florida, Pensacola / scam


This company really took advantage of me, they caught me at a moment when I was busy and I was told I could cancel the order if I wanted to after I thought about it. When I called them back to cancel the order they told me that I was not allowed to cancel, that it wouldn't be fair to the magazine companies. They told me they would give me 70% off if I payed the balance at that time. I could not pay it, and I felt trapped and ripped off . If I don't pay the total amount at 70% off then I still owe the full amount of 1037.40. For magazines that I am not even getting, they are sending me a couple of magazines that I did not order. I am so mad at myself for being in this position. What do I do?

Reading Club of America - Florida / What do I do?


I've been reading the complaints about reading club of America. I called and cancelled because i figured i didn't need the magazines and plus I cannot afford it. I just thought i would start surfing the internet to learn more about the reading club of america when I came across all these complains about it. Even though I called and cancelled i'm worried about everything I am hearing. So someone please help me. What do I do just to make sure I am cancelled and safe?

Reading Club of America - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / I keep receiving bills


Many months back I lost my credit cards, since then I keep getting phone calls, and letters saying I owe$359... Now, and a total of $843.75... How do I get these people off my back. My credit is good. I pay all my bills ontime. i didnt order this readers of America club. I did notice one of my cards was being charge. Of course i canceled all of my cards. Now its phone calls everyday, What should I do. Please help.

Reading Club of America - Florida, Pensacola / A COMPLETE SCAM!!


This is an AWFUL business (if you would even call it that). The minute that I got off the phone with these people, the first thing that popped into my head was, "Wow, how the hell did they get all the information from me and how could I be so stupid as to have signed up for that!" It was already pretty obvious to me that this company is completely illegitimate. I just received the letter confirming me of my order. It's not even written in proper english, proving that this company is a scam. I have just written my cancellation letter to them. The end of my letter reads, "If my card i...