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RDU Airport Complaints & Reviews

RDU Airport - North Carolina, Raleigh / Lack of parking security

Jun 22, 2012

There is no security at the RDU parking structure. The evening of 6/18/2012 I returned from a trip, paid my $12/day for parking in the parking garage located between the 2 terminals. I found that I had a dead battery. I went to the "Assistance" phone...I pressed the button for 30 minutes with NO RESPONSE. Finally, a good Samaritan gave me a jump. When I went to leave, I was told quite rudely that I owed another $2. "For what?" I was delayed because there was no response to the "Assistance" phone. "How many did you try?" I said, " A couple." Bob said, "Well if you didn't try all of them in...

RDU Airport - North Carolina, Morrisville / Horrendous Transportation Security


My fiancee and I drove 2 hours to the airport last night with one of his friends to go pick up one of their fellow marines. We went to terminal 1 where he was going to be and left the car outside for only a moment so we could go find his friend. Baggage claim was taking awhile so we went outside to move the car up. When we got outside a security employee shouted, "Is this your vehicle?" I told him that yes, it was. He said, "Well you left it unattended, I want it out of here right now." I said ok, but we were waiting for someone and where were we supposed to park. I got the response, "Get it...