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Quality Health Complaints & Reviews

Quality Health - Arkansas, Paris / free samples

Sep 25, 2017

I have been offered several times through my email to get free samples. However, after filling out endless questionnaires I have never received anything. This is just wrong and they need to stop promising freebies because all they are doing is getting personal information by offering free samples and never delivering. Just don't fall for this. I got a call from my PCP two weeks ago and the nurse asked me if I had requested from this company for a wrist brace. She said that the request said I had carpal tunnel. I have never had this and I never entered anything on the questionnaire that I had...

Quality Health / Diabetes bracelet band

Mar 1, 2016

several months ago I filled out a form and questioner for a free diabetes bracelet band and received an e-mail conformation that it would be mailed within the next couple of weeks. Well here we are several months later and no bracelet, and what's more the ad stopped appearing on my Facebook page. Today the ad re-appeared again with the same request. What kind of scam is this? I am going to inform Facebook to ban Quality Health from flooding my Facebook privacy with these scam ads. After the third inquiry and still received the same reply that my bracelet had shipped I realized it was a scam and deleted the e-mails.

Quality Health - Florida, Seminole / Top Brand Shoes

Nov 17, 2015

After filling out a long questionnaire in order to get the false advertised Sample Top Brand shoes, this website denied the completion of the survey because I did not need legal representation for my "old" and resolved accident (fall) that occurred inside my house. This website is a scummier and do not need to place false advertisements of Facebook!

Quality Health / Not getting Freebies

Jul 14, 2015

Way back in February I requested a free Diabetes bracelet and to this day I still have not received it. I have sent email after email and still nothing. I have even tried to sign up for more freebies and haven't gotten anything. Again I have sent them numerous email and the last reply I got said that I would be getting a box of freebies sent to me but I still have not received anything from them. At one point I sent an email concerning the Diabetes bracelet and was told that it would be 10-12 wks before I would receive it and it has already been the time frame as I counted it up and I should have received it already but not a thing not a word nothing.

Quality Health / Rip off


Trial sample ordered 6/1/09, received 6-/12, & cancelled by phone the same day because it was opened and pill bottle tampered with. TripleupHerbal's (QualityHealth's) customer service vowed to email instructions for returning within 24-48 hours and credit my account $3.95. A second phone call with the same results made 6-15-09. Instructions still did not come. Called Bank of America 6/17/09 to inform them of this & asked the charges be removed. Told I needed to wait 30 days. I expressed concern about Tripleuherbal proceeding with charging my account $79.95 plus foreign transaction...

Quality Health - New York / Cancelled product and still charged $79.95


I ordered from Quality Health the Acai product the day I ordered it I decided I really wasn't interested. Sent the Customer support and e-mail and they responded stating I just needed to include my order number and they would resolve the issue. However I just checked my bank account and found a charge of $79.95 to keep the product and have is sent to me on a monthly basis. Now Visa is looking into it and helping me get my money returned. Don't ever order from Quality Health.