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Puppypawler Complaints & Reviews

Puppypawler / They sell unhealthy dogs

Apr 14, 2016

I have purchased a lovely little pup from Puppypawler and he is super cute and very nice dog. I really love him and I'm happy that he's my pet! But! When I was in contact with Puppypawler they claimed that all their dogs are super healthy and etc. They never said that my pup had eye problems. I have already spent thousands of dollars, and vets say that my dog will become blind in the future! I will still love him because he is my pet dog, but I'm so unhappy to see his pains and the though that he will become blind kills me!!

Puppypawler - Alabama, gallion / slander defamation of character

Jun 02, 2013

This lady sherry bowen carter wrote 2 webites about me before i started breeding because i didnt get a dog named andy but lil doggie rescue got andy and i wrote it on internet i warned the public about this nut case she told me back in 2006 she burned her whole shihtzus in a barn or shack because they had parvo but thtas hear pic at bottom was her shihtzu she said was her top breeder..and her friend milleen colteer from and yorkies and and morkie got busted selling pot . its all on shorkie sherry has stalked me called everyone kin in mobile...

Puppypawler - Alabama, Gallion / ear mites

Jan 15, 2013

Sherry Carter Joiner sells dogs with ear mites, otodectes cynotis, ear mange. Her videos show the puppies scratching their ears and shaking their heads. Head shaking is a sympyom of ear mite infestation. They are contagious to other dogs and cause a very itchy rash on humans. Dogs kept in crowded, unsanitary coditions are more likely to carry ear mite infestations. Also more common in puppies. When a website has videos showing the puppies scratching and shaking their heads don't just assume it is because the breeder has shaved their ears and claims that is the reason for scratching.

Puppypawler - Alabama, Gallion / unethical breeder

Oct 11, 2012

Sherry Carter Joiner has removed the dry eyes comments from her fb about her adult dogs having genetic dry eyes. She cuts off her puppies dew claws on utube video with scissors, she says they aren't old enough to feel it. I ask vet about dew claw removal, he said that it can cause carpal arthritis. No need to remove housedogs dew claws, they are like their thumbs and they need them to reduce torque in their gait. All puppy buyers considering buying a puppy from puppypawler need to look closely at her website. She makes it sound she has been widowed twice, but she had been divorced from...