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Prize Research Intelligence Agency Complaints & Reviews

Prize Research Intelligence Agency - Florida, Miami / $2,536,092.23 send $20.00 to recieve the bonded federal carrier, send before 1/05/12

Jan 3, 2012

I got a letter in the mail stating I will get a cash sum of 2, 536, 092.23 if I send 20.00 dollars to PRIA before 1/5/12. The signature is unreadable and there is no printed name to know who is sending the letter. People do not send this fake company your money. It is the biggest scam ever...

Prize Research Intelligence Agency - Florida, Miami FL 331527800 / SCAM! Youwon Over 2 million dollars.

Oct 13, 2011

Luckily I was smart enough to check this out on internet, where I found that alot of people weren't so lucky. My heart stoped when I first opened this letter. I thought ALL MY PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED. Than I thought this has to be to good to be true. So I Googled it and sure enough thats when I found the scam and fraud complaints. So I'm not out anything. Just wanted to let people know.

Prize Research Intelligence Agency - Florida, Miami / $2,342,000,00 prize funds


this company should realize that with the country in the state it's in that these empty promises that they give hurts these poeple that they promise and god knows the u.s. isn't going to help with the scams but they'll sell your address to these poeple along with your names first and last so they can make money not giving two ### that their going to scam poeple this is the country we live in the U.S is going to heck and we're just along for the ride what a wonderful place we live in I for one hate to see us like this but what are you going to do if things don't change and soon there's going to be riots in the street and a person blamming our leader

Prize Research Intelligence Agency - Florida / Phony offer to pay $2M prize


I also received this phony claim to pay over $2M after returning their "documents" with a $20 filing fee. Online research confirms this award from PRIA is an obvious SCAM. However, why not lets help them OUT if they sent you a Paid, Self Addressed, Return envelope. Be sure to return their envelope with your request they deduct the $20 fee from your "cash accounting" and forward you the balance of your award. You won't get the award, but you will get a small sense of satisfaction in their having to pay for postage. I wonder how much it would cost them if every recipient returned their S-A-S-E?

Prize Research Intelligence Agency - Florida, Miami / Prize Notification


I received a letter from this place claiming that I won 2, 342, 000.00 Dollars. And that I needed to sign the Paper and send them 20.00 Dollars with it. And it needed to be post marked before Midnight on 12/03/2009. The check needed to be made out to PRIA. This isn't the first prize notification letter that I have received. I get them in the mail practically everyday from different people. Including checks that I received that were a scam also just to get my bank account numbers. Isn't there a way to stop these people from scamming people out of there hard earned money. Thank you for your time. Mrs. Sharon Frey 110 Elmhurst St. West Hartford, Ct.06110-1416 [email protected]

Prize Research Intelligence Agency - Arizona / I won!


If you look at the top under their insignia they can't even spell intelligence (intelligency). I too received one of these, but since I see this kind of stuff daily being a Sergeant for a police department and for the fact that I have common sense, I knew it was fake. Plus they sent it to me at the police department address! Everytime someone sends them $20.00 they get richer while you get poorer, you will never get the millions you suppossedly won in a suppossed lottery or sweepstakes that you never even entered. Why are there still so many people so gullable? Why are there people still...

Prize Research Intelligence Agency - Indiana, Columbia City / Been sending them money because they promised me I won millions


I have been receiving several letters from Prize Research Inteligence Agency. They have sent me several Transmittal Authorization forms for Payment Pending Account for $2, 342, 000.00, Received a fake pending cash dispersal check for $2, 342, 000.00, several Payment Pending Memorandum forms for the same amount, a Gold Medal Advantage winner form for $3, 469, 751.14, an Express Notice Tracking Form that said I had to sigh it and they would send me my winnings of $2, 536, 092.23, An Authorization Document saying they will rush me my cash payment for $2, 024, 987.00, an Opportunity Right...

Prize Research Intelligence Agency - Florida, Miami / Prize won - fake check scam


My husband too, received one of these 'prizes' of $2, 536, 092.23 but they wanted $20.00 to send it to him! Very official looking 'notice' but obviously just another person (or goup of people) too lazy to work for a living and tries to prey on unsuspecting people who could use the prize money, not to mention the $20 PRIA asks them to send in to get the prize! What's the world coming to when the only good news you get in the mail is sales papers?

Prize Research Intelligence Agency / A payout of $2,536,092.23


I had recivced a letter telling that I won a cash prize of $2, 536, 092.23, I must send a payment of $20.00 first. But it was a good thing that I went on the internet and look to see if this was real or just another scam. Then I found out that this was really a scam. Like they if it's to good to be true, it's really not true at all.Is there anyway we can these scaming to stop.

Prize Research Intelligence Agency - Florida, Miami / claiming we won over 2,000,000, but we need to send 20.00 to them first


claiming we won over $2, 000, 000.00, just need to submit $20.00 to them before 01/01/09. We really don't appreciate this type of spam. You get your hopes up and hope this is for real until you see the complaints on the family 260-565-4349

Prize Research Intelligence Agency - Florida / Express Notice


The above company is requesting that I pay them $20.00 so they can rush my cash prize of $2, 536, 093.23. If I am to receive that amount, why can't they just take it out of the two million dollar prize? I think I'll send this to our Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. I'm sure he would be also be interested in this scam.

Prize Research Intelligence Agency - Florida, miami florida 331527800 / Constantly receiving letters


To whom this may corcern, Thank you for your comments i was just about to send these people $20. 00 until i read your letter. I think god for good people like you. I agree 100% that the people behind this evil, lieing scam should be in jail for fraud. Also if i may add i'm starting my own business at home That will pervade a service to help people receive unclaimed funds from the u. S. Government. This kind of thing make it hard for good people like me who is honest and Wont to help people and not hurt them.