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Price Pfister Complaints & Reviews

Price Pfister / Poor quality

Jul 15, 2011

Over the past 6 years, I've 3 contacted Price Pfister about my crappy, leaky kitchen faucet. The lady was very nice and then she asked me for my credit card. Shen charged me $5 and sent replacement parts. So far, 6-8 of the SAME replacement parts (diverter and cartridges) -all failed within a year on my Parisa kitchen faucet. I contacted PF a few month ago asking for a whole new faucet, but PF sent MORE replacement parts. So, I wrote to the CEO (Greg Gluchowski Jr.)Mr. Gluchowski ignored my letter. A month later I emailed the same letter to his secretary and him...nothing again. The bottom line...from my experience, Price Pfister makes crappy products and has a ### CEO.

Price Pfister / Do not buy from them


Bought the "Marielle" style kitchen faucet in 2006, it leaked at the single lever main trunk. Returned it to Home Depot, they gave me a second one. Plumber installed it, and I was happy, but... It leaked the same, and has still for 3 yrs. Asked HD for a fix, but they said email customer relations at Price Pfister. PP waited a month to reply, sent ball/washer to fix, but said I owed them $5 for postage! I don't think so. That's 3 plumber's bills I am out already. I will not buy from Price Pfister Pfaucets again.