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Premium Wholesale Home & Leisure Complaints & Reviews

Premium Wholesale Home & Leisure / No service at all

May 24, 2012

We purchased a hot tub from this company. It was a twilight series spa. They boasted that this was a chemical free spa which really appealed to us. We have had a hot tub for over 10 years but we wanted to upgrade so that is why we switched. Everything went fine until the summer. The tub started to overheat and would go to 106 degrees-110 degrees we have it set at 103. The tub became soupy and had a very musty smell. We changed the water lasted 3-4 days and started to smell and become soupy. We called Home & Leisure and no one returned our phone calls. After leaving 3 messages we went into the...

Premium Wholesale Home & Leisure / This is not a service or warranty issue

May 23, 2012

We agree that Mr. & Mrs. Jakupi's initial complaint was about the water in their spa. After several attempts to assist them here at the store with free water testing and water care training they continued to experience problems with cloudy water. Although not covered under warranty, we sent out our water care specialist free of charge to determine the problem. Once there it was discovered that the customer had adjusted the top side settings so that it was not filtering properly. The correct settings were input and this was demonstrated to Mrs. Jakupi. Free chemicals and a floater were left...