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Premier Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Premier Fitness - Ohio, Dayton / Account termination

Oct 14, 2013

This fitness centre guys has lessened my respect towards this country.i am from india working in dayton.I have enrolled myself and my mom in this premier fitness .The person at customer care have spoken very sweet to me and got the long list of documents signed without giving me an inkling about the fact that I am siging a 3 yr contract !!!. I came to know about it only when I tried to cancel the memebrship since I am moving to a diffent city and my mom is going back to india. They want proof of address and after providing them they are telling that the adress is insufficient. I have called them...

Premier Fitness - New Mexico, Alamogordo / Poor treatment of clients, discrimination, dangerous environment

Jan 22, 2013

My friend "M" and I wanted to get in shape, so he joined a fitness club, Premier Fitness in Alamogordo, and he convinced me to join too. It is an impressive looking gym, lots of equipment. But the problems started soon. M says he started to get gay men after him in the showers. Since M is not gay, this disturbed him. He said on several occasions that men would make hand signals at him in the bathroom/showers, and sexually intimidate him, stand too close, harass, etc. I joined an exercise class because I did not have the motivation to stay on the machines by myself. The instructor wa...

Premier Fitness - Ontario, Oakville / Thief!

Sep 7, 2011

We paid Premier Fitness $300 for 6 sessions with a Nutritionist. The Nutritionist either quit or was let go after 2 sessions and was not replaced. We requested a refund of $200 or time added onto the end of the gym contract. We paid $350 for a years membership so 7 months added would be fair. We were offered 1 month, I explain that was not acceptable and we would not be leaving until a suitable solution found. I was told to leave or the police would be called. The story ends with me being escorted out by Police and not allowed on the property. Thanks for stealing my money Premier Fitness. Sorry for asking for the services I paid for!

Premier Fitness - Ontario, London / Call from a collection agency

Jul 12, 2011

I was a member back in 2005. After my one year I cancelled my membership. Over a year later I get a letter from Premier Fitness that I owe them money(Nov 13, 2007). I call twice to talk to the individual who wrote the letter and that person never called me. I finally hand delivered a letter to the Huron Street location(Nov 20, 2007. I state in the letter that my one year subscription was over a year ago and no longer wanted anything to do with Premier Fitness. Today, almost 4 years later, I receive a call from NCR telling me I owe Premier Fitness over $2, 000.

Premier Fitness - Ontario, Burlington / Billing

Mar 25, 2011

I just received a bill from these ###s for $158.00 saying that I had an overdue balance, and that if I don't pay it in 30 days I would be sent to collections. I have not been to this gym for FOUR years, nor did I have a membership ever! I had a personal trainer for a certain amount of sessions which I payed off and dealt with about 3 years ago. I don't even live in the province anymore and they're still finding a way to send my parents my mail!! There is no way on earth that I owe this ### gym any money at all! Also, what the hell kind of accounting department do they have going after people for bills from FOUR years ago???? ### Gym...NEVER sign anything there...EVER

Premier Fitness - Ontario, Toronto / overcharge


Worse location to date!. The worse customer service ive seen, the staffs are rude and incompetent. Came in to cancel a membership and 3 months later i still get charge, on top of that they dont even have my cancellation on file or the original request form i signed. luckily i had my copy and showed them just how stupid they were for trying to accuse me of lying!. im ashame and disgusted at this place its silly to think i had to hold onto a copy of the cancellation form from 3MONTHS ago just to proof i was right and that they screwed up on their end. Just think of how many people they scammed...

Premier Fitness - Ontario, Toronto / billing without permision


My complaint is simiar if not identical to the other complaints I have just read on you board. I signed up for a family membership with my husband in Feb last year. I expected to get some help in setting up a exercise program to deal with a medical condition. First appointment was with a nice woman who informed me she was a fitness consultant. She did some computer test based on my body and said that I needed to hire a trainer. She told me the cost. I shaid that I was on a limited pension for disablity and did not have that kind of disposable income. I stayed with the club until Dec when I...

Premier Fitness - Ohio, Middletown / illegal billing/lied to


My friend got me a "free" month at premier fitness, at least that is what the women working there had said. She also said if i sign some papers i could get my friend a "free" month. So i went and signed the papers, without examining the papers of course, going on the words of the employee. About 2 months later i had found out that they had been billing my bank account 50 bucks a month. Then when i had no more money in the bank they sent me a letter in the mail informing me that i had not been making payments. Of course i had no idea what they were talking about. So they sent me copies of my...

Premier Fitness - Ontario, Toronto / being robbed


I recently finished a 1 year contract with this sorry excuse for a gym. I was informed that I had to cancel 30 days before my membership expired, which I did. A few weeks later I got billed again, So I called in and was told that it didn't show on their system that I had cancelled because there was an issue with their system, and I would have to come in again and cancel in person. I did that, spoke to the same person who had cancelled my account the first time, and she said she didn't remember me at all, and supposedly took care of it again. A couple of weeks pass by, and I get...

Premier Fitness / Unauthorized billing


We've just gotten a call today from Michelle, Stephen Walters law office. I was told that I owe them 865$ because I did not cancel my membership back in 2005. I laughed at first. I told Michelle that there was no notice of renewal, there was not even a single call. I had a one-year contract with them and they were withdrawing money from my credit card. After one year withdrawals stopped, end of story. They call me in 2009 to tell me that I owe Premier money, give me a break. First of all, there is 2 year limitation period for smal claims court. I mentioned that to Michelle. She told me to...

Premier Fitness - Ontario, StCatharines / over charge


Have not been to the site since June of 2006 - paid for a full year of membership in April of 2006. they keep on trying to get money from my credit card and send harrassing mail for money that they clame I owe. I have told them that I do not wish to enter there establishment again.

Premier Fitness / Terrible experience


I canceled my membership to Premier Fitness in Odenton Maryland back in August. The manager stated that I should be allotted one more payment, then that would be it. Well... they charged me another month. I confronted the manager that assisted me with canceling my membership, but my paperwork mysteriously disappeared. They tried to give me a free month membership, but how do I know if they're going to lose my paperwork again and continue to charge me? I told her that I wanted my money back, but she insisted that the owner might not grant my request since there's no paperwork to prove...