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Power Pack Paving Complaints & Reviews

Power Pack Paving - Ontario, Markham / driveway paving

Sep 17, 2018

Had my driveway paved July 2018 . With in the first 6 days the payment started breaking apart all along the side lines, and the payment did not settle smoothly at all. Frank was the individual who spoke to us originally and was our main point of contact . Contacted frank immediacy and he said he would come see it and fix the issue . NEVER did he come . Called him again and again - every single week and each time he would say "I'm coming this day and that day " . Finally frank told me to call the head office "Joe " spoke to Joe who told me I have 2 years warranty and "NOT to worry "...

Power Pack Paving - Ontario, Markham / dishonest company


i did my driveway with power pack paving the guy name is sam and he told there is two year warranty.after 6 months the driveway start to fall apart and the the curb is cracking. try calling the company(sam) left many massages but no not deal with them dishonest company.

Power Pack Paving - Ontario, Markham / Paving


I signed a contract with a guy called Sam of Power Pack Paving in June 2008 to have my driveway and walkway paved. They came to do the walkway in July. However, on day 1 they finished the walkway, I found obvious defects. They did not even do the step on the walkway properly as such the height of step is not in accordance with the Building Code (>8 inches in height per step). The concreate blocks they laid along the driveway do not align with the walkway, etc. I called them several times in the summer. Always answering machine. When they called back and promised to come to fix the...