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Police Complaints & Reviews

Police / Harrasment and bully by the police

Jul 6, 2014

Dear Sir / Madam, First of all, I would like to salute to all for your services in making Malaysia a better safe place. However, this incident that happen makes me questions more about what do you guys really do as in not only helping / protecting us but also bullying the citizen especially expats. I would like to make a complaint of officers on duty of a road block at Mex highway exit to Bukit Jalil (Happen on 5th of July 2014 @ 1-2am something, I'm sure you have a record of officers who is on duty on that day and time). I was the driver and a friend of mine (He is an expat) is on the...

Police / attitude and manner

Apr 6, 2013

i am a british citizen currently on holiday at Qatar. recently i have been stopped by the police and asked for proof of identity to show i am a citizen of qatar. however as i am from britain on holiday in this country i didnt have no 'I.D' and also i was not aware i have to carry a passport around everywhere i go just to prove i am a british citizen, however, the attitude the police officer expressed towards us was very abusive and disrespectful. i did not appreciate being kept in-captive in the back of a police van for more than an hour only to be released 3 in the morning after a...

Police / Simply give saman


Malaysian Police are out to hit target by simply giving compounds. I just got 1 today from Sungai Buloh heading towards Kuala Selangor. They were saying I cross the traffic lights when the traffic light was green. It was actually half way through, the light turns yellow. I did not cross at red light but they still gave me compound saying that I cross the traffic light when it was red. I guess this is not the first time I get this. I heard from my friends saying that they get compounds accusing them that they did not put on seat belts when they pun on the seat belts from Perak to Penang. Is this the way Malaysian Police do to hit the targets of the amount of compound they give out?

Police / Are police there to hlep civilians?


I would like to report an accident that occurred to me while driving on Mount Road between 11.20am and 11.30am on Monday, 25th January 2017. I am a 26 year old female and I was in my Maruti Zen car with my sister and my 4-year-old nephew, who are just in India visiting from out of the country. On the right side of me was an MTC that was already being a nuisance to the traffic. I was trying to avoid this bus but because of the natural flow of the traffice, at one point I was on the left side of this big bus. Now, I was not expecting this big bus to make a sharp turn directly into my car. The...

Police - Florida / abuso de poder


Visitaba unos amigos y por cierto no Estaban en casa, solo quedaban sus dos hijos de 21 y 27 años de edad, este joven de 27 años un estado preso por maltrato A su pareja cumplio y 4 años por ello, o sea es a los ojos de la Policía un ex combicto, pero, me contaba que en uno de sus juegos de baloncesto de la Policía de dicho condado lo saco de el juego y en plena calle lo interrogaron y ademas le dijeron que China coperaba, dando una informacion lo podrian inculpar de Consumo de drogas, poniendo ebidencia En sus bolcillos, perdonen señores es esto justo que este sucediendo en una sociedad """"" TAN "" "civilizada, se los dejo a ustedes, ustedes saquen sus concluciones

Police / Everything


The cincinnati police suck so much. They gave a parking ticket to my g.f who is parked in front of my driveway, who has a license plate from another state, on a closed off street! They cant have a pot hole fixed to save there life. They can't clean up the crack or herion off the street, probably because half of them are paid off or are black cops who bust white kids instead of trying to bust the gangsters. The cops are so out of shape, that I witnessed 1 cop being out ran by a little five year old within half a block. The other back up cops even went the wrong direction then the kid...