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PMD Furniture Direct Complaints & Reviews

PMD Furniture Direct / Scam and lies


I recently heard a recorded conference call. The topic FA. Joe Armetta was the speaker. I have never heard someone talk so much about nothing. It was a painful 60 min. recording. Joe and Jeff please note I am a Top Ten Dealer. I am very busy. I don't have time to listen to Mr. Royal Heritage Joe Armetta run on at the mouth. What ever Joe Armetta is selling I'm not buying. I've been reading these posts. I know some of the people who are doing the posting. Many of them are top 20 dealers. For the most part everyone agrees with the majority of the posts. They are very factual and...

PMD Furniture Direct / Management


I've heard through inside sources that Joe Armetta's termination will be announced before the next conference. Most likely Jeff will hire someone outside the company who actually has executive experience and a proven track record. Most of the dealers and managers believed Joe Armetta was in over his head. Jeff is expected to accept some of the responsibility for this firing at the opening speech in MN. I feel this is positive news. From the very beginning I have felt PMD has unlimited potential. With the termination of Joe Armetta PMD management has shown they are willing to make the proactive decisions needed to remain the dominant player in their space.

PMD Furniture Direct / Facts


Like any company PMD has some positive and negative factors. The business model is fairly simple and the marketing scheme is unique. The staff at the home office are well intentioned and have the best interests of the dealers success. The CEO Jeff Hosking is a good businessman, but has a bulldog mentality regarding his dealers. The CMO Joe Armetta is also a good businessman but, is very focused on self promotion, has trouble being truthful and lacks loyalty from his peers. Joe also crosses the line regarding his influence within the company. He gets kickbacks from his involvement the dealer...

PMD Furniture Direct - Missouri / Liars, Cheaters, and Stealers, Oh My!


This company is the biggest scam in the industry. You are required to purchase a "franchise" at a ridiculous up front cost between $15, 000 - $30, 000, then required to purchase all merchandise through them at a 30-50% mark up fropm what they buy it for. When your furniture is delivered the price lists have to be blacked out because they are raping their own dealers so hard that if they saw the prices they would feel scammed. I saw those prices. What I was being charged $957 for was costing my company, the company I entrusted my livelihood and family with, less than $600. They teach you their...

PMD Furniture Direct - Michigan / PMD and you


I began my PMD business in September of 2003. Previous to PMD, I had a career in the plastic packaging industry with a Fortune 500 company as a regional sales manager. My job required travel, a lot of it. I was on the road 2-3 nights per week. With a wife and three young children at home, I wanted to find something that would allow me to be home every night. I also wanted a challenge and an opportunity that would allow me to reach my financial goals. I feel very fortunate that I found PMD. I had no experience in the furniture industry. I soon found out experience was not necessary. PMD has a...

PMD Furniture Direct - Alabama, Birmingham / Terrible experience


I love the opportunity I have been given. I was running a 300 person manufacturing plant, dealing with upper management at my own company and the leaders of automotive manufacturers we supplied. I thought I liked what I did because it was a lot of responsibility and paid well, but, I had no freedom. I realized I needed a change when I could not make my son’s games or school plays. That’s when I fell into the PMD opportunity. I’ve been in the business 2.5 years. I have more freedom than I’ve ever had. I enjoy what I do more than I ever have. And, I make more money than I...

PMD Furniture Direct - Maryland, Baltimore / My take on PMD Furniture Direct


The opportunity I have with PMD is the most exciting, rewarding, and profitable I have seen in 35 years in business. I have owned two other businesses in that time, and this has been profitable since day one. Four years later, the opportunity looks better now than it did at first. I would urge anyone considering a change of career to get on board now, as you can still get in on the ground floor of an exciting business opportunity.

PMD Furniture Direct - Idaho, Idaho Falls / Another dealer speaks out


I have worked over 25 years building businesses and wealth for others. As is typical in the corporate world, great rewards and wealth were offered by former employers, but in the end, promises were left unfulfilled. They got wealthy and I had a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). I admit I was skeptical at first and failed miserably my 1st year in the business. I was one of those guys who had a better way of doing things and wasn't totally committed to the PMD process and system. However, PMD was serious about their commitment to my success. They provided the system, training and support that allowed...

PMD Furniture Direct - Louisiana, Lafayette / When I joined PMD, I had no idea...


When I joined PMD 6 years ago, I had no idea that it would be such a phenomenal opportunity. To watch the rate of growth within the company has been truly amazing. I love the people that are involved in PMD. Everyone from home office to the management staff to other dealers everyone is always ready to help one another. I think that is really unique in the corporate world. I feel that I have a piece of the American Dream. I am in business for myself, yet, not by myself. I love the freedom of owning my own business, but still having a proven program that works. The PMD opportunity allows a dealer to gain financial freedom and still have quality of life. I love this business.

PMD Furniture Direct - Texas, Lubbock / PMD treated me like this.


After my first year in business, I am astonished how working this simple business model on a daily basis pays off in a HUGE way. By following the program to its entirety during my first year, I accomplished what I initially projected would take me several years. It’s the only business that I know that will allow an ordinary person with ordinary income, education and experience to create an extraordinary income during the first year with an extremely small risk.

PMD Furniture Direct / Terrible company


PMD is the biggest BS bait n switch business model. I invested everything I owned and lost it all due to the fat "geof haskie" This fat *** makes 30 % on everyone's purchases. What a greedy f**k. All of the people who have made positive remarks about the company are upper management and were required to do so. This company will get what they deserve. There mattresses all suck and are over priced. If the current dealers really new how much beds cost... Thanks pmd! I now sleep on my crazy quilt mattress. This company ruined my life!