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Dec 22, 2013

Be careful and don’t visit the website I didn’t buy from this website, only looked at their production. But two days ago I received email from my bank, which informed me about the unauthorized payment in amount of $140. People from this website charged my card without my notice and warning. I was so furious that now I wanted to find other unsatisfied customer in order to open a case against these people. / Stay away from them

Dec 22, 2013

Stay away from the website Nicosia Cyp. This company is scam and they can charge you without your notice. They took about $35 from my bank account, and I haven't used their services or bought from them. I sent them emails and asked to return money, and they promised to refund, but nothing happened. It's really upset me, and I decided to post negative comment, so other people can see that the seller is dishonest.