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Pimp My Fakes Complaints & Reviews

Pimp My Fakes / fake id

Dec 27, 2013

I submitted an order about a month ago. It took them about 3 days to respond. I had some problems with my order and resent them the things they asked for. They didn't get back to me until 2 weeks later. After they finally sent me my videos, they said they'd be able to ship my order the next day. Once I submitted my payment they were unresponsive. I payed the extra $50 for rush shipping but its been 2 weeks and my order is no where to be found; also their site has been suspended for god knows what reason. The id looks legit but that doesn't really mean ### if i can't even...

Pimp My Fakes / pimpmyfakes

Sep 14, 2013

I wanted to buy two novelty id's but I wanted a duplicate in a different state. At first thought about going with another site because they offered to replace my id if it was lost. Pimp my Fakes said they don't do that, but they said if I bought one id and they would make another for free if I agreed to post reviews once I got the id's. FYi the other site wants payment upfront andthey don't send you a video either. So i went with First I just wanna say this: They didn't pay me to leave this review. They didn't tell me what to say or what not to say...