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Phlebotomy Services International, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Phlebotomy Services International, Inc. / NON Payment/Scams

Oct 01, 2015

Did contract work for this company well over 30 days ago and have not been paid for my services. Unfortunately, I'm not the only victim. Stay away from this company. If you are contacted by Carloyn Turner or Ed Cutler, stay away!!! You won't regret it. They promise you great pay, but it won't happen. Currently filing a small claims court, reporting to national media, and social media. Don't be the next victim of fraud. I will do everything in my power to bring this company to justice.

Phlebotomy Services International, Inc. - Oregon, Central Point / DO NOT PAY EMPLOYEES OR BILLS

Jan 21, 2014

This company is run by a wolf in sheep's clothing. He "preaches' sweetness and light all day, talks about going to church, tells you to "pray for clients", then you find out there are HUNDREDS of people after him for not paying them their bills/salaries or per diem. He works with independent agents around the nation, uses them, then claims he is broke. All the while he takes trips to Costco AT COMPANY EXPENSE to buy groceries for his 7 kids and wife, while telling his employees he is "having a cash-flow issue" and holds up their paychecks for WEEKS. Snake, scammer, lier, cheat...