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Philippe Richard Cookware Complaints & Reviews

Philippe Richard Cookware - North Carolina / Rebate


Bought philippe richard cookware at jc pennys in april and sent in my rebate with the receipts and the bar code off the box. I never received anything back from the company and they have no website to contact them by. I contacted jcpennys and they told me that there is nothing they can do for me it is a manyfactures issue. I think that they need to stop selling this brand until this problem is taken care of. I'm not the only one who has had this problem. The rebate was the only reason i bought this particular brand because after the rebate they were cheaper but after i didn't received my rebate i ended up paying more.

Philippe Richard Cookware - Louisiana, merryville / My rebate


I called that number 800-497-4959, and I got a message after message to nobody, I need my $30.00 dollars rebate and it passed 8-10 weeks, can I please get so help so that I can get my money, I will never buy anything from J C PENNEY, that involue a rebate because never this problem from macys or any ofter stores, for my money, I brought it on a J C PENNEY credit card, and I still can't get any help.please help me.

Philippe Richard Cookware - Indiana, Mishawaka / Not substantial


I purchased two (2) sets of Philippe Richard Cookware. The retail value stated was $99.00. I paid $59.00 for each set as they were on sale. The quality is terrible. I had given one set as a gift and kept the other set for myself. I was very displeased with my set, but the person I gave the set to saw me and said, "I know you gave me that set of cookware, but I hate it and I'm going to throw it away." The pieces became discolored after the first use and, therefore, look very old. Everything sticks in the skillets, and it is impossible to clean them. I am very displeased, and would like a refund, or a gift card to the store or something.

Philippe Richard Cookware / Fraud and cheating


Like another report I read here, i also purchased a set of Philippe Richard, cookware at JCPenneys. I sent in the rebate receipt, and filled in all information required. I sent it in in the beginning of December at the latest. It is now the beginning of March, and I have not heard back. I kept copies of the receipt. I intended to look online for their contact, and phone the company, only to fail to find an official site for them, just others that sell their products. If anyone knows how to contact them, I'd like to try.

Philippe Richard Cookware - New York, Elmira / Cookware


This is the worst cookware that I have ever owned. Everything burns to the pans regardless of how low the temperature is. I have owned these pans for two months and they look like they are 10 year old and need to be replaced. I purchased them at JC Penny and am unable to find a website to lodge a complaint with the company. I would rather purchase Tromantina cookware from Walmart than these pans ever again.

Philippe Richard Cookware - Florida / Bad cookware


My husband purchased a 5 - qt. Pressure cooker and it has been used not that often, one of the handles broke. So he kept on using anyway. But somehow the pressure regulator was misplaced, and we have been looking all over the internet to try to purchase both items. Guest what all we were able to find was a rating / complain page, oh and where to buy them. What surprises me is that a well know dept. Store as jc penneys would sell this kind of products, that as we can see is of inferior quality, and has no way communication policy. Cindy zayas