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PETROC Complaints & Reviews

PETROC - Rhode Island, Tiverton / Bullying & harassment

Jun 21, 2014

Dear PETROC College. Again I've asked you to leave me alone and don't come near me continually harassing me. I'm fine as I am- I'm aware that I've had a meeting on and all you guys done was pester me and didn't buzz off and leave me alone. I'm also writing to complain about the false allegations that have been made in the past- for all of you tossers out there taking advantage of my good nature it's unacceptable. I also don't feel that you've treated me with Fairness & Equality in the past. I'm also writing a letter of complaint about my...

PETROC / Complaint

Jun 01, 2014

Dear PETROC College. I'd like to write a complaint to the local college. and file a complaint for all that's gone in the past few weeks. ASA clearly states that everyone's got the right to complaoin about the media. Your media and stuff stinks, but never is aimed at the sole purpose of trying to educate people on more sensitive subjects. You guys think that just because you've got the God-given right exactly that everyone's got the right to override someone else. Why does it state that I need medication? Let me guess. Because I've been defending Billie...