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pet-ho-licks Complaints & Reviews

pet-ho-licks / Another Dog On Deaths Door

May 14, 2013

My friend purchased a Beagle puppy from this shop 3 days ago and has since found out that the puppy is only 10 weeks old. Not only that but the poor little thing also has Giardia and kennel cough to top it off. I find this shop utterly repulsive and reading other comments about this place I urge everyone to stay as far away as possible. If you are going to buy a puppy instead of adopting use somewhere such as petzone ofrpet least those ones are healthy and cared for beforehand. Funny, my friend also mentioned that on the front desk they now say they do not accept vet reports from modern...

pet-ho-licks / Parvo Infested Shop

May 04, 2013

Hi Guys, STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOP!!! The guy who runs this so called pet loving retail outlet is a vile man named ADNAN... I purchased a puppy from him when he ran a shop called WAHAT AL REEM which has now subsequently been shut down due to utter negligence towards these poor animals, further more WAHAT AL REEM was solely responsible for the massive increase of the PARVO-VIRUS within Dubai. ADNAN imports the puppies from Hungary at a month old claiming they have had all jabs and vaccinations and that they are 3 months old...LIES! Each puppy has PARVO and is also accompanied by a fake...